Home insurance for rental property

Buying a rental property can be a great investment Buy a few and you put together residual income for a long time and even could be your retirement plan To protect your real estate portfolio you need to buy the right protection You want coverage for the Structure (fire, wind, hail, vandalism, theft, water damage […]

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Home insurance for older homes

Older homes or original construction around 100 years old are very common throughout New Orleans. Finding home insurance is not The majority of the insurance companies writing today are focused on new construction The newer the home construction the lower the price you pay Often homeowners who purchased older homes are left with limited options […]


3 ways to lower your mortgage payment

There are 3 effective and easy ways to lower your mortgage payment Lowering your mortgage payment by just $200 a month can really add up to money in your pocket You can either use it to pay down your mortgage or invest it somewhere else For most of us our mortgage payment is our biggest […]

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How much does Metairie Home Insurance Cost?

How much does Metairie home insurance cost? Metairie Homeowners Insurance can vary based on underwriting factors that are not limited to Your credit score The age of the house Brick or Frame construction Year of roof replacement Gable or Hip shape roof There are many underwriting factors that go into a home insurance premium.  Throughout the […]


Equipment Breakdown and Home Insurance

Equipment Breakdown is a cheap add on coverage you need but probably don’t have on your home insurance policy. The standard exclusion on a homeowners policy is wear and tear of your property. You can now add this coverage on your home insurance policy with an endorsement or add on. The endorsement is Equipment Breakdown […]

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Centauri Insurance review

CENTAURI INSURANCE REVIEW Who is a good fit and who is not a good fit for this insurance company? We only partner with insurance companies that we would place our family members with. But we don’t place everyone with Centauri insurance. Not many insurance companies want to insure every homeowner. Not every customer is a […]


Spotlight Home Inspection Services

Home Inspection: SPOTLIGHT HOME INSPECTION SERVICES Local home real estate developer in New Orleans, Mike Adams, decided to use his extensive knowledge of real estate development and started Spotlight Home Inspection to serve South Louisiana new homebuyers and real estate investors. What is the difference between an appraisal and a home inspection? The appraiser formulates an opinion […]

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New Home Insurance buying guide

  There are a few mistakes that customers make when shopping for Home insurance. Buying home insurance can be confusing because it is not as simple as just buying the cheapest quote when you are searching for low cost homeowners insurance. As you will read below some insurance agents are not giving you the coverage […]


Louisiana Gun Liability protection policy

Louisiana gun liability and your homeowners policy. Most homeowners in Louisiana believe that if they had to fire their gun, their insurance policy would cover them. Unless you have a stand alone gun liability policy, a personal umbrella policy or a Gun Liability endorsement on your home insurance policy, you may be surprised your standard […]


Best source for insurance advice in New Orleans?

WHERE TO FIND THE BEST INSURANCE ADVICE IN NEW ORLEANS? Years ago it was easy to find the best insurance advice in New Orleans. They had a nice office.  A friendly staff full of smiling faces.  A sign on the front of the building with a logo you recognized from a commercial. You knew to […]

raise your credit score


The majority of insurance companies writing new policies in Southern Louisiana today will use your credit score to determine your premium.   First thought for many is what does my credit score have to do with insurance on my house? The thinking from the big brains behind the curtain at the home office for the […]