What is a Louisiana Surplus Lines Insurance Company?

Did you receive a quote from a surplus lines homeowners insurance company? or do you currently have a surplus lines homeowners insurance policy? Here is some information on surplus lines insurance companies. Surplus Lines Companies writing in Louisiana ARE NOT licensed from the Louisiana Department of Insurance to write insurance in Louisiana bound by rate […]

mistakes buying homeowners insurance

Top 5 mistakes made when buying Homeowners Insurance

Buying homeowners insurance policy to protect your most valuable asset is something that you need because it financially protects you from an unexpected loss so it is important that you find the best Louisiana homeowners insurance policy for you. If you choose the wrong policy or make a mistake,   your policy could not respond […]

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Underwriting factors that cause rising auto insurance rates

The list continues to grow for auto insurance underwriting factors used to develop your auto insurance premium. With higher claim payouts, rising cost of medical care and more billboard attorneys representing Louisiana drivers, the cost of Louisiana Auto insurance is getting expensive. Most of the major national well known insurance companies actually lose money writing […]

new orleans car insurance

Why is Car Insurance so expensive?

I worked in Car Insurance claims for six years with a major insurance company in New Orleans. I would often settle personal injury claims with claimants and often vehicles had no damage. Insurance companies and personal injury attorneys still argue if ”low impact” accidents can cause major injuries. No matter which side of the fence […]

homeowners insurance deductible

Homeowners Insurance Deductible Guide: How to determine the correct deductible for your house

Majority of customers don’t select their own homeowners insurance deductible on their home insurance policies. Their insurance agent does. When we meet with potential homeowners insurance customers, we often see the All Other Perils deductible at $1000 on their existing home insurance policy regardless of the value of the house. A home valued at 750,000 […]

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10 ways to lower your homeowners insurance premium

  Tired of your homeowners renewal renewal going up? Discover tips to lower your homeowners insurance premium. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the cost of homeowner’s insurance has increased significantly over the past several years, mainly due to the rising number of catastrophes, the high cost of home repairs, and the emergence of mold claims. […]

3 insurance steps

3 things Insurance Agents do to protect themselves

Insurance agents know how to use insurance to protect their assets and their family. If you are ever in a situation where you are being advised to do something or maybe someone is trying to sell you something you want but you just can’t make up your mind. The most common question you should ask is “Well […]

dog bite liability insurance

Dog bite insurance and your homeowners policy

Lose your dog or lose your homeowners insurance is not always the best option for your family. We have a homeowners insurance company that will help you. You may have a dog that you believe “would never bite someone” but the facts show dog bite claims are very costly to the insurance industry. The average […]

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Homeowners Insurance Report: Kenner, La 70065

  Louisiana Homeowners Insurance>New Orleans Homeowners Insurance>Kenner Homeowners Insurance Is it possible that you have been paying too much for homeowners insurance in Kenner?   For years the Kenner homeowners insurance premiums were not very competitive. The majority of companies that were writing in our area for some reason had higher rates than in other […]