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Homeowners insurance rates: Kenner, La

  We recently spoke with a homeowner from Kenner, Louisana. He had not looked at his homeowners insurance since he purchased it in 2007. What he suspected is what we confirmed for him. Kenner Homeowners insurance rates have gone down.   There is not always a need to “switch and save” like every insurance commercial […]


Gretna Homeowners Insurance Savings Report #2

NEED:  Customer has experienced back to back rate increases on their Gretna Homeowners insurance with no claim activity. Customer wants to get back to a more affordable premium without losing coverage.   PROBLEM:  Just received their homeowners insurance renewal and its north of $4,000.   NEEDS ANALYSIS:  We were able to sit down with the […]


Gretna Homeowners Savings Report #1

A customer called us today asking for a homeowners insurance quote.  After talking with her, I was able to sit down with her and review her current Gretna homeowners insurance policy.   NEED:  Customer wanted to get her mortgage payments down.   PROBLEM:  She was sold an owner occupied rental dwelling policy with no liability. […]