We recently spoke with a homeowner from Kenner, Louisana.

He had not looked at his homeowners insurance since he purchased it in 2007.

What he suspected is what we confirmed for him.

Kenner Homeowners insurance rates have gone down.


There is not always a need to “switch and save” like every insurance commercial or ad you see,  but there should be a need to review your current homeowners insurance policy every few years to make sure you are still are getting the most competitive premium.

Rates do go up and sometimes, very rare, they can go down.

But not often with the company you are with.

When insurance companies build up a large book of business in an territory or parish, 

they are hesitant to ask for reduced rates.




The existent book of business is making them money and all of their customers are renewing the policies.

If they go to the Louisiana Department of Insurance and ask for a rate decrease, it will affect their existing book of business.

If they receive the rate decrease, they will make less money on their existing book of business.

So when rates are going down, more than likely, your insurance company is doing nothing.

A likely scenario when you were shopping for the lowest homeowners insurance rates,

you found the most competitive rate and purchased the best option for you at the time.

But you have not looked at your policy in years and since you bought your policy,

the market has become more competitive.

More competition brings lower premiums.



Customer purchased a 475,000 policy for $6,562 in 2008.

Based on the underwriting factors on the customer’s house,

that was a good premium in 2008.

Problem is that is no longer a competitive premium.

Today the premium is $4,167 on his 475,000 house.


Getting a quick indication by phone is easy.

Just a few underwriting questions and you should know if we can help you.

But it is not all about a lower premium.

We have discovered customers were sold an incorrect policy.

They thought they purchased a homeowners policy, but bought a rental dwelling policy.

Theft, water back up and replacement cost were not covered.

How to get a great Kenner Homeowners Insurance rate?


Contact an Independent Insurance Agency because they have more than one homeowners company option to compare


Understand all available discounts 


  • Hip roof vs. Gable
  • Brick or Frame construction
  • Monitored Security and Fire Alarm
  • Over 55 years old
  • Clean claims history


Question the statements being made by your current insurance company or agent


“No one else is writing homeowners insurance in Kenner”

“That is the lowest rate quote in our area”

“All insurance companies are offering 5% hurricane deductibles”


It costs you nothing to get an indication to determine if you are still getting the most competitive premium in Kenner.

You don’t have to sacrifice coverage or raise deductibles to get a homeowners policy that allows you the protection you need for the value you want.


What’s this all about?


A review to determine a competitive premium and uncover coverage issues is something you should consider annually.

Kenner homeowners insurance rates have gone down for some residents.

If you have your policy set up on auto renew mortgage bill,  you may never know you are paying too much for the same policy your neighbor is getting for $750 less.

My name is Tim D’Angelo and I would like the opportunity to talk to you about your Kenner Homeowners insurance.

You can call me at 504.348.3131

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