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We create customized affordable homeowners insurance options for you.


By finding a more competitive homeowners insurance premium


You will

  • Lower your premium
  • Lower your deductible
  • Lower your mortgage


If you have an insurance problem,

We can help.

New Orleans Homeowners insurance is what we do.


Many people like you are lowering their insurance premiums.


Discover why your neighbors pay less than you for homeowners insurance.


We would like an opportunity to

  • conduct a homeowners needs analysis
  • customize the proposal based on your feedback
  • generate a package proposal protection plan for you
  • answer any questions you may have so you understand


If we can help you


if not, you can rest knowing you are still getting the most competitive rate in our area. 


Louisiana Homeowners Insurance.  What we do.

We offer Homeowners Insurance quote proposals from multiple insurance companies.

We are committed to offering our clients the top rated products from companies that want to write your homeowners insurance.

We not only sell homeowners insurance, but we service the policy too.


What can you expect?

Once you complete the homeowners insurance quote proposal request form,

an insurance professional from our agency will


  • contact you to determine your needs
  • put together a protection proposal for you


We are able to prepare the proposal based on the information you provide and if you want to

  • package your auto insurance
  • purchase flood insurance
  • or buy an umbrella policy
  • cover those rental dwellings

and if you do,

savings can increase even more.

You need to take advantage of all available discounts you are eligible for.


Lead Generating website? 


Most websites for homeowners insurance are lead generating websites and they sell your information to local insurance agents.

You can receive a ton of phone calls from agents if you submit a form on these websites.

If you complete our online quote request form,

you will be contacted by one FM Agency Group representative with access to more than one insurance company currently writing in Louisiana.

We streamline the homeowners quote process for you.

FM Agency Group is a fully staffed independent insurance agency in the local community.


We make it easy for you.


  • Pay plans if you need them.
  • Work step by step with you and your mortgage company.
  • Service the policy after it is sold with a dedicated service rep for you.
  • Fully staffed to handle a call, email or text from you when you need an answer.


The protection you need for the value you want.


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FM Agency Group is located in the Greater New Orleans area and has been lowering home insurance premiums since 2001.


We are fully staffed to not only sell insurance,  but service it too.


My name is Tim D’Angelo and I would like the opportunity to talk to you about your needs and see if we can help you.


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