Do you want the cheapest policy and cheapest protection for your second most valuable asset?

Your most valuable asset is your ability to earn a paycheck

My guess is your second most valuable asset is your home

When the next hurricane blows through town or a fire makes your family have to stay in a hotel, you need your insurance company to take care of you

At this time is when you need to know the company you have been paying every year is going to be there for you

Only way to know that is go with a company that has been there

It has paid Hurricane Claims

It has replaced a roof during the last Hail storm

Surprise not all companies writing in Louisiana pay claims the same

Some want you to replace a few shingles after a hail storm

Other companies push you to take actual cash value on your personal property so at claim time you will only get pennies on the dollar for your property

Before you make a home insurance buying decision you need to speak with a home insurance advisor

Just because someone is licensed to sell insurance does not make them an insurance advisor

An advisor will present to you coverage options and explain them to you

The game plan for you is simple

Work with an insurance advisor that may represent “over 20 companies” but only recommends a handful of them not because they are the cheapest but because they are more likely to be there when you need them after the next hurricane or next kitchen fire

Two factors that will help you with your home buying decision

>1 Choose an agency that has more than a few online reviews from their customers

If they don’t have any reviews,  what does that say about their service after the policy is sold?

>2 Talk to an insurance advisor not a licensed data entry clerk

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