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Lower rates in Kenner for some unknown reason have been hard to come by.

Most homeowners insurance companies writing new policies in our area are just not competitive in Kenner.

They have lower homeowners insurance rates in other parts of our city in the Greater New Orleans area.

From Kenner to Marrero, homeowners insurance rates can vary.

Most common question we received from current homeowners or new home buyers is


How can I save on Kenner Homeowners Insurance rates?


First you need to grab all available discounts

  • Monitored Burglar Alarm
  • Monitored Fire Alarm
  • Age of roof 
  • Companion Auto Policy
  • Companion Flood Policy
  • Companion Umbrella Policy
  • Hip Roof vs. Gable Roof


What about raising my deductible?

Raising your all other perils deductible instead of lowering your insured value is the smartest way to manage your homeowners insurance policy.

You want to raise you deductible to a level of affordability.

If you have $2500 in the bank, you need to take a $2500 deductible.

As a result of the claim,  the insurance company would deduct $2500 from the claim check.

The difference between a 1000 deductible and a 2500 deductible can be a few hundred dollars.

The difference between a 1000 deductible and a 5000 or 10,000 deductible

can be significant.


Who is writing new homeowners policies in Kenner, Louisiana?

Right now we have more than a few companies writing, but two of them are really competitive in Kenner.

They can offer Named Storm deductibles as low as 1% of your insured value.

So if you are still carrying a 5% deductible because you believe that is all that is available in the market,

give us a call and we can not only lower your named storm or hurricane dedutible

but we can also lower your Kenner Homeowners Insurance premium.


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