We are licensed in Louisiana and we are located in the Greater New Orleans area. 

We do focus on Southern Louisiana Coastal regions.

Parishes include 

  • Jefferson Parish
  • St. Bernard Parish
  • Orleans Parish 
  • St. Tammany Parish



KENNER 70065 475,000 $5,258 $4,167 -$1,091
KENNER 70065 966,500 $8,256 $5,772 -$2,484
MARRERO 70072 320,000 $3,476 $2,661 -$815
GRETNA 70056 307,800 $6,038 $3,116 -$2,922
GRETNA 70056 600,000 $9,942 $5,348 -$4,594
LAKEVIEW 70124 414,000 $8,509 $3,748 -$4,761
METAIRIE 70003 238,000 $3,685 $2,772 -$913

*Actual rates will differ due to, but not limited to, underwriting factors such as credit worthiness, construction year built, hip or gable roof, square feet, claims history, updates to electrical, plumbing, heating a/c and year of roof, companion policy discounts, auto discount, flood discount, umbrella discount, mature homeowner etc


Louisiana Homeowners Insurance rates are rising and you need to know who is writing new home insurance policies.

Unfortunately not all homeowners insurance companies may be writing new policies in your area but below is a list to help you with your search for new home insurance.

To see the list for 2017 click here

mold coverage



FM Agency Group represents more than a few preferred home insurance companies writing new policies in Louisiana click here to get started.

The Louisiana Department of Insurance listed insurance companies writing in Louisiana on their homeowners shopping guide.  Here is a premium example from the shopping guide.

This is for a house in New Orleans that is 10 years old, brick veneer construction, 1800 square feet.  The dwelling value is for 200,000. This guide was printed a few years ago so rates change and most of the companies listed below probably no longer write new policies in New Orleans but it gives you a premium range.  If you want to take a look at the guide, click here for homeowners insurance buying guide.


Homeowners Policy Coverage Explained


Dwelling Structure Coverage A

The amount it would cost you to rebuild your house if it were to be destroyed. 

You should insure your house for 100% replacement cost.

Replacement Cost is the cost it will take for a contractor to rebuild your house.

It is not the appraised value and it is does not include the value of land.


Other Structures Coverage B

Unattached structures on your property including your fence, shed or detached garage.


Your Personal Property or Contents Coverage C

The amount or value of the property you moved inside the house. 

Clothes, furniture, electronics, personal items.  

Take a quick look around your house and determine if you had to replace everything inside, how much do you need?  $50,000?  $75,000?


Liability Coverage D

Too often we see 100,000 of liability coverage.  It only costs up to $25 annual to get $300,000.

This is the coverage that defends you against any claim in which you are legally liable to another party for property damage or bodily injury.

By selecting the $300,000 limit of liability, you qualify for an umbrella policy.


Additional Living Expenses or Loss of Use Coverage E

As a result of a claim, you can no longer live in your house and have to move to another location. Could be a hotel stay or due to the severity of the claim, rent a house.


Medical Payments to Others Coverage F

This is a limit payable to someone other than you or your resident family members for reimbursement of medical expenses.

You should have least have $5,000 since the difference between $1000 and $5000 might be $10.


At FM Agency Group we have licensed professional insurance advisors that will help you make the right decision with the right company for you.

We want you get the coverage you need for the value you want.

We want you to get claims paid.

We work with you after the policy is sold.

Here are just some of the coverage options we will discuss with you.

We create customized affordable Louisiana homeowners insurance options for you.

By finding a more competitive homeowners insurance premium

You will

  • Lower your premium
  • Lower your deductible
  • Lower your mortgage

If you have an insurance problem,

We can help.

Louisiana Homeowners Insurance is what we do.

Many people like you are lowering their insurance premiums.

Discover why your neighbors pay less than you for homeowners insurance.

When you contact us we will

  • conduct a homeowners needs analysis
  • customize the proposal based on your feedback
  • generate a package proposal protection plan for you
  • answer any questions you may have so you understand

If we can help you, great, if not, you can rest knowing you are still getting the most competitive rate in our area. 



We offer Homeowners Insurance quote proposals from multiple insurance companies.

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We not only sell homeowners insurance, but we service the policy too.



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