2 ways to get more money from the insurance company after a roof claim

from the desk of tim d'Angelo

Missing shingles after a strong hurricane along the Gulf Coast does not always result in the insurance company opening up their checkbook and giving you a new roof as some of us have discovered

We had a customer missing over 60 shingles and the claim rep for the homeowners insurance company was thinking repair over roof replacement

We had to get involved on that claim and help the inside company claim representative understand the roof was beyond repair

After helping customers process hundreds of claims there have been a few common questions or issues that have come up



Just because the insurance company sends you a check and an estimate that is probably not the end of your claim

Most estimates will have a line item for recoverable depreciation

This is most common on a roof claim

Most insurance companies will issue you a first check that has a deduction for depreciation (age of your roof) although you have a replacement cost policy not an actual cash value policy

You must replace your roof and provide a paid invoice to collect the remaining recoverable depreciation

These two checks should equal the cost to you to replace your roof

Recoverable depreciation is available to you but you must submit proof of roof replacement to get it

The insurance company is not going to mail you recoverable depreciation unless it is requested


Once you replace your roof you are now eligible for a new roof discount usually up to 10% off your current rate

But once again the insurance company is not going to give you this discount unless you request it

If new customers can get a new roof discount existing customers should too

If you have a new roof and have pictures and a paid invoice you should be eligible for a nice discount off your current rate

If you are currently working with an insurance broker they should request this discount for you

If you have not received recoverable depreciation and your new roof discount on your current home


insurance policy you may eligible to get more money owed to you from your insurance company

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