2020 List of Homeowners Insurance Companies writing in New Orleans La

The list of homeowners insurance companies writing in New Orleans La is still growing each year

There was a time after Hurricane Katrina when maybe one insurance company was writing new homeowners insurance policies

but now the list is still growing…one good hurricane and this will change the trend


Insurance companies make money on homeowners insurance in New Orleans when the wind doesn’t blow


The current environment in New Orleans is still profitable to insurance companies from other states, mostly Florida, to enter the New Orleans Homeowners insurance market

Some insurance companies have unsustainable low rates in an attempt to grow their policy count 

This is a gamble that could pay off for you because if you get a policy that is below market rate and the wind doesn’t blow and the insurance company maintains their low rates for a few years….your savings could add up in the thousands $$$

If you go with an insurance company for an extremely low rate on New Orleans homeowners insurance and a hurricane strikes after year one you could be dropped or sustain a massive rate increase and be sent to the Louisiana Citizens Fair Plan because no other insurance companies are writing after a major weather event


Here is an example from the Louisiana Department of Insurance website 

2020 List of New Orleans Homeowners Insurance companies writing new policies in Louisiana

New $400K Home
Coverage Level: Dwelling is less than 1-year-old with brick veneer construction, 2800 square feet, $400,000 building coverage, $200,000 contents coverage, 2% hurricane deductible/$500 all other peril deductible, clean claims history, 710 credit score, no wind mitigation features beyond the Louisiana building code requirements for homes built after January 2007, and no multiline discount.

Access Home Ins Co (Preferred) $5472 
Access Home Ins Co (Standard) $6870 
ACE Ins Co of the Midwest $7955 
AIG Property Casualty Co $4207 
Allied Trust Ins Co $2043 
Allstate Indemnity Co $8175 
Allstate Ins Co $8941 
Allstate Vehicle and Property Ins Co $4741 
American National General Ins Co $9318 
American Risk Ins Co $5193 
Americas Ins Co $3728 
Amica Mutual Ins Co $4650 
Anchor Specialty Ins Co $4211 
Armed Forces Ins Exchange $2364 
ASI Lloyds $2464 
Bankers Specialty Ins Co $3,479
Bankers Specialty Ins Co $4712 
Centauri National Ins Co (Elite-A program) $2716 
Centauri National Ins Co (Elite-C program) $2687 
Centauri National Ins Co (Preferred program) $4377 
Centauri Specialty Ins Co $4377 
Coastal Select Ins Co $4305 
Encompass Indemnity Co $9256 
Encompass Ins Co of America $5230 
Encompass Property and Casualty Co $8305 
Excalibur National Ins Co $4812 
Family Security Ins Co $3973 
Federal Ins Co $7907 
Federated National Ins Co $2547 
Fireman’s Fund Ins Co $8611 
Garrison P&C Ins Co $4175 
Great Northern Ins Co 
Gulf States Ins Co $2926 
Gulfstream Property & Casualty Ins Co $7146 
Gulfstream Select Ins Co $7146 
Hanover American Ins Co $8645 
Hartford Casualty Ins Co $5131 
Homesite Ins Co $5459 
Horace Mann Ins Co $5030 
Imperial Fire and Casualty $5121 
La Citizens Property Ins Corp $7614
La Farm Bureau Casualty Ins Co $8833 
La Farm Bureau Mutual Ins Co $7362 
Liberty Ins Corporation $9436 
Liberty Mutual Fire Ins Co $6620 
Liberty Personal Ins Co $9436 
Lighthouse Property Ins Corp (Beacon) $3511 
Lighthouse Property Ins Corp (Standard) $5193 
LM Ins Corp $9436 
Maison Ins Co $4447 
Metropolitan Prop and Cas Ins Co $2891 
Occidental Fire & Casualty of N.C. $3119 
Pharmacists Mutual Ins Co $5437 
Praetorian Ins Co $3453 
Privilege Underwriters Recip Exch $4707 
Progressive Property Ins Co $2464 
Republic Fire and Casualty Ins Co $4491 
Safeco Ins Co of Oregon $6086 
Safepoint Ins $3546 
Service Ins Co $2495 
Shelter Mutual Ins Co $6998 
Southern Fidelity Ins Co $2355 
Spinnaker Ins Co $3569 
State Farm Fire & Casualty Co $3432 
Stillwater Ins Co $5672
Teachers Ins Co $4424 
The American Ins Co $7077 
The Automobile Ins Co of Hartford $6693 
The Standard Fire Ins Co $7197 
The Travelers Indem Co of America $6477 
United Fire & Indemnity $7855 
United Property & Casualty $2322 
United Services Automobile Association $4029 
Unitrin Auto & Home Ins Co $4222 
Unitrin Safeguard Ins Co $1857 
USAA Casualty Ins Co $4033 
USAA General Indemnity Co $4366 
Vigilant Ins Co $7907


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