3 simple steps after a homeowners insurance claim

We have many New Orleans homeowners insurance customers and the more customers you have the more claims you will receive.

Most customers call us after and claim and we go over the claims process and what they can expect

After an unexpected loss you should follow a few steps to make sure you get what you are owed from the insurance company.

The first question is always “What should I do?

Three Simple Steps After a Homeowners Claim

  1. Take Pictures and Video
  2. Prevent further damage
  3. Get estimates

One fact that will surprise a homeowners customer is that you don’t have to wait for the claim representative to show up at your house

We write for many New Orleans Homeowners Insurance companies and I can tell you none of them have their company insurance claim reps that show up at your home.

They are going to hire an independent property adjuster to write an estimate

Now it is important that you document all your damage


If you make a claim and then clean up all the damage and actually do the repairs before the claim rep inspects your home you could be subject to a claim denial


Follow these simple steps

1. Take Pictures and Video

With most of our customers having a smartphone taking a video should be a priority but taking as many pictures as you can will only help you


2. Prevent further damage

This is important because in the homeowners insurance policy there is policy language that states you must mitigate your damages


Mitigate damages examples

Leaking roof? 

Get a contractor to tarp the roof to prevent further damage


Busted water pipe? 

Turn off the water and call a plumber

Yes call a plumber and get an estimate and have the plumber start the repairs to get you running water again


The insurance company will allow you to make temporary repairs to either mitigate our damages or make your home liveable


3. Get Estimates

The insurance company claim rep is going to write a repair estimate but it is not the final word.

You can dispute and negotiate an insurance company’s estimate

Get at least three estimates to confirm the insurance company estimate is accurate

Remember the first initial estimate is not always the final estimate even if the estimate includes a check

Just make sure you don’t sign a property damage release 

To protect yourself you can send an email that states “I accept this estimate and check but there may be additional damage or increased cost to repair”


 Professional Insurance Advisor Tip

Never go it alone during a claim unless you purchase your insurance directly from the insurance company.

If you did you are really left all alone because its you against the insurance company.

If you purchased your insurance from an insurance agency you should have access to claims advisor on staff that can help you find the claims resolution you need.