Gail came to us as a referral from her coworker.  She was hesitant to shop her insurance because she had been with her current insurance company for over 20 years.  She had received another rate increase and decided enough was enough.

Gail’s first thought was I know I can probably find it cheaper but will they offer a low rate the first year only to raise my rates up at renewal.  The old bait and switch.

Instead of Gail calling around and getting quotes from multiple agents,  I explained to her when we first spoke that we can do a complete review of her insurance protection including home, car, flood and an umbrella.

Our goal was simple.

We were going to show Gail how to use insurance to protect her family and assets and our goal was to provide more coverage at a lower cost to her.

Gail agreed to let us show her what we could do.

Not very often do we speak to someone in our area that is properly insured.

We see minimum auto insurance limits on liability.

Only 100,000 of liability on their home insurance policy.

No umbrella protection.

What did we do for Gail?

We were able to get Gail 250,000/500,000 of auto insurance liability at a lower rate than her 100,000/300,000 policy.

She said her agent told her “that was enough”

The cost of medical expenses has skyrocketed the past few years and you can never have enough liability to pay for an injured person’s medical bills.

I also reviewed here home insurance policy and as I suspected the policy had her contents over-insured and her liability limit was at a dangerous level of 100,000.

We were able to get her 500,000 of liability and adjust her contents or personal property protection to the amount of the actual replacement cost of her property which was 75,000.

Total Cost Savings for Gail?

Car insurance $426 annual savings

Home Insurance $635 annual savings

$1,061 total annual savings

Now what about her insurance protection?

We raised her auto liability limits to 250,000

We increased her liability on her home policy to 500,000

And we were able to get her an additional 1,000,000 of liability protection by adding an umbrella policy over her cars and home for $453 a year.

Total insurance limit to 1,750,000 of insurance protection

Our goal is simple

We want to provide you the insurance protection you need for the value you want.

If you are ready for a complete insurance protection review and not just a quote, complete the form and I will contact you to review

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With our new coverage analysis protection plan, we can help you determine if your policy is still the most competitive in our area.