A better insurance broker for New Orleans Real Estate investors

We’re building a better insurance broker for real estate investors by providing lower rates on New Orleans rental property insurance

Our rental property insurance market includes a lot of older homes and not all insurance company want to write older homes

You need to work with the best insurance broker to find you the coverage you need

Here are some of the policies we offer for Real Estate Investors



When a property is up for sale with no intention of a getting a tenant

You need coverage for fire, wind, hail, vandalism and water damage

We can provide the insurance protection on a per month basis so you don’t pay for more insurance than you need


When you purchase an investment property in New Orleans it is probably going to need a renovation and if you don’t intend to move a tenant in within 30 days you need to consider a renovation policy

Depending the extent of the renovation you may just need a two month policy and we can provide you a renovation policy on a month to month basis and when you are ready for a tenant we can just endorse the policy to correct classification or if you decide to flip the house and put it back up for sale we can make it a vacant home insurance policy


Each policy includes 1,000,000 of premises liability which covers one of the most common claims against landlords….the slip,trip and fall claim


For some real estate investors having more than one property can be a difficult task keeping up with the renewal insurance bills

At FM Agency Group we can provide a single policy solution for all your investment properties in New Orleans and we can provide the coverage each property needs such as a vacant home insurance, renovation home insurance, short term lease and annual leased properties

We want to help you lower your expenses so you can buy more rental property

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