5 Reasons customers prefer FM Agency Group


1. We represent more than one insurance company

You want options.

Options allow you to make a choice that is best for you.

Sometimes the cheapest quote is the best option because you need to lower your premium,


sometimes the cheapest option is not the best for you if the company has

  • poor claims service
  • brand new to Louisiana and hasn’t paid any claims
  • may not be around after the next Hurricane Katrina

We help you make an informed decision.


2. We not only sell insurance, we service it.

We are fully staffed to answer your questions or concerns when you need it.

Call, email or text us.

We have a staff of 6 representatives and only 2 of them sell insurance.

You will get a dedicated employee assigned to you.

You can develop a relationship with a local customer service rep who knows your name.

3. Claims get paid.

Most customers want the cheapest available until they make a claim.

After a claim, they want the best coverage and get their hands on the claim check as fast as they can.

We want your claims to get paid.

We can explain to you why you should choose the insurance company.

Every customer’s needs are different.

Some customers need to

  • lower their premium or they will lose their house
  • had a bad claims experience and want a better company
  • was sold a policy that didn’t cover what they needed
  • don’t like their previous agent because there is no service when you call


4. Call, email or text us.

Customer communication is changing.
Long gone are the days of “leave a message and we will call you back”
you wait…..and wait…..wait….and wait for a call back.
Technology has sped up the need to communicate now.
Call, email or text us at 504.348.3131 and we will respond.


5. We are here after the policy is sold.

Our competitors focus on customer acquisition and selling as many policies as possible.

But they have no service staff.

Call and ask a question a few weeks after the policy is sold,  

and you get crickets…..nothing.

We want to hear from throughout the year.

We want to keep in touch with you because in insurance, needs change.

What you needed when the policy is sold, may not be want you need today.

Considering FM Agency Group to handle your insurance needs could be the answer you have been looking for.

We can’t help everyone.

We will not always be the cheapest.

But at least you know what you will buying and what is going to be covered when a claim is made.

Tim D’Angelo, owner