independent insurance agent

An independent Insurance agency is a local business with a service staff dedicated to help you with questions about your insurance needs and provide you choices with access to multiple insurance companies that want to write your business.


Independent Agents are not employees of an insurance company.


They can help you choose the right company for you as every risk is different.  

Do you value service?

or price?

or security?

Not all insurance companies offer all three but an independent agent can match your needs with a company that is the best fit

and if you do care about price, service and security, we can offer that too.


Flexibility after the policy is sold


If an insurance agent only represents one company,  you just limited your options.

Not all insurance companies offer the customer experience you were expecting.

It happens.

We can review your renewal and consider another company

or make a move to another company after a bad claim experience when you want.

You can maintain a trusted relationship with our agency without having to start a new one.

We can just find you a better fit for your needs

and as you get older, your needs may change.

Our work is not done after the first policy is sold.



You can speak to the same representative twice


Like I said, our work is not done after the policy is sold.

We offer you a trusted relationship with a local employee that will listen to you.

Not an insurance company employee in a call center in Ohio.

We are a local business in your community.

Not a corporation.


Renewal options if you want them


If an insurance agency only represents one company, you have no choice but to pay the renewal.

An independent agent provides you flexibility when you need it.

Something as simple as an email

“Hey Tim can you check some rates with some other companies?

I just want to make sure I’m still getting the most competitive homeowners premium”


We represent YOU not the insurance company


No greater value of an independent insurance agent than when you have to make a claim.

Sometimes adjusters don’t allow enough reimbursement on an estimate.

Sometimes claim reps don’t believe your side of the story in an accident.

When you buy an insurance policy directly from the insurance company, you put all your faith and trust that the insurance company will be fair and honest when you make your claim.

or you can buy from an independent insurance agent and they can represent or explain your position to the insurance company on your behalf.

or you can hire an attorney and they will take 33% of your claim check.

It is your choice.

When you are ready for a different, more flexible customer experience, give us a call at 504.348.3131