You would think that your ATV is covered under your contents coverage or personal property under your homeowners policy, but you would be wrong.

Your All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) or Off Road Vehicle would need to have an ATV insurance policy to cover it for property and liability.

Growing up in New Orleans, on weekends the entire neighborhood seemed to be buzzing with motorcycles, go karts, 4 wheeler ATVs or back then 3 wheeler ATVs. Those times have changed as noisy motorized vehicles have been replaced with quiet golf carts filled with neighbors making the rounds.

boy on ATV in neighborhood



  • Your ATV or Off Road Vehicle is not covered for property coverage under your homeowners insurance policy
  • Your Homeowners insurance liability coverage does not protect you away from your premises
  • ATV insurance is not expensive and provides the same coverage as your auto insurance policy


What is now a more common use of an ATV or Off Road Vehicle is using your ATV for hunting. In Louisiana, more ATV owners use it on a hunting lease or at a hunting camp and less for neighborhood trail riding.

If you use your 4 Wheeler ATV or Quad for hunting, just a few things to consider if you don’t have an ATV insurance policy


You have no property coverage for theft or vandalism.

Liability does not extend if you injure someone or allow a friend to use your ATV and there is an accident.


hunting with an atv



If I’m injured on my ATV can I get my medical bills paid by my homeowners policy?

No.  Your homeowners policy would not cover medical bills away from the premises.


If I’m pulling my ATV on a trailer and it is damaged, would it be covered?

Not under a homeowners policy.

What if someone steals my ATV from my garage?

Nope. No coverage under your home insurance policy.


What if I injure a passenger on my ATV?

No coverage unless you purchase an ATV insurance policy.


An ATV can cost as much as $10,000. Most ATV owners assume it is covered under their homeowners policy because it is usually kept in their garage and its their personal property.

How much does ATV insurance cost?

Depending on the year, make and model and coverage selection,

premiums can start as low $250.

The same underwriting applies to the ATV insurance policy as buying car insurance.

An ATV policy will have the same coverage as your auto policy

To see the coverage available to you on an ATV insurance policy click here


What’s this all about?

If you own an ATV you need to make sure you also have the necessary liability protection.

If you use your ATV to service your own property and you never use it away from your premises, more than likely liability from your homeowners policy will extend, but most homeowners use it for recreation away from the property.

You should purchase 250,000/500,000 of liability including Uninsured Motorists protection and schedule the ATV under your Umbrella policy.

Boat, ATV and a Golf cart are three valuable purchases that most customers assume are covered under their homeowners policy because they are kept at their house.


A Boat, ATV and a Golf Cart should have their own property and liability coverage on a stand alone policy.

Where can I buy an ATV insurance policy?

Most car insurance companies offer boat, golf cart and ATV insurance as well.

We can write an ATV insurance policy with more than a few preferred insurance companies.

Although we recommend writing the ATV with the same auto insurance company, you can purchase a stand alone ATV policy.

If you believed you were covered under your homeowners insurance but now understand you’re not, give us a call or complete our quick form to get started.

We can quote an ATV policy for you within minutes and if you package the ATV with your AUTO you can grab some additional discounts.



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