Baton Rouge new homebuyers: Coverage you need when buying a home

When buying a new home in Baton Rouge your number one goal is to make sure claims within the first year will be covered

  • Busted water pipes
  • Theft or vandalism
  • Under slab sewer line collapse
  • A/C unit shutdown
  • Roof replacement
  • Payment to replace personal property

A Baton Rouge homeowners insurance policy is not a home warranty policy so you don’t want to make any maintenance damage claims after you buy the house

You want to use your home insurance policy for financially devastating events that you can’t recover from or have the money in your bank to pay

You want to choose an insurance deductible that reflects the amount of money you have access to in your savings account to pay for damage

If you buy a house and only have $500 in your savings account a $2500 plumbing repair is going to hurt you financially but if you have access to $10,000 you don’t want to select a $500 homeowners insurance deductible

When you transfer more of the risk to you instead of all of the risk to the insurance company you pay less for Baton Rouge homeowners insurance

Here are coverage options you need when buying a home in Baton Rouge

  • Roof replacement coverage
  • Personal property replacement cost
  • Sewer backup
  • Service line replacement
  • Personal injury (Libel or Slander)
  • Equipment breakdown (A/C unit mechanical breakdown)
  • Extended Replacement Cost when cost of building materials increase

Not all home insurance policies are the same because an average home insurance policy needs 2 to 5 additional coverage options to make sure future claims are covered

Without an endorsed homeowners insurance policy you may be buying a weak insurance policy that will leave you paying out of pocket for future claims after you buy a house

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