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Just another option for New Orleans homeowners insurance policies

The list is growing and if you want to see a full list of insurance companies writing homeowners insurance in 2020 click here 



Centauri National is not the cheapest homeowners insurance option in New Orleans

No insurance company is the cheapest option

If they were the cheapest option on all homes in New Orleans they would be out of business after the next hurricane or raise rates to force you to move to a new homeowners insurance company

Centauri National is competitively priced in New Orleans on most home insurance policies depending on the zip code

They do use credit scoring to determine the rate they offer you so if you have poor credit or a bankruptcy they are probably not an option for you

As most insurance companies writing new policies in New Orleans La their rates are lower for newer construction

The older the home’s original year built the more you will pay for homeowners insurance is still the standard


Who is a good fit and who is not a good fit for this insurance company?

We only partner with insurance companies that we would place our family members with.

But we don’t place everyone with Centauri insurance.

Not many insurance companies want to insure every homeowner.

Not every customer is a good customer for an insurance company.

After representing Centauri Insurance for over 8 years, we understand who is the best fit.


Two most common questions asked about Centauri National Insurance

1.  “Who is Centauri Insurance?  I never heard of them.”

2.  “I went online and they had bad reviews”


Let’s address the first question now.


1.  “Who is Centauri Insurance?  I never heard of them.”


You only know of insurance companies who constantly advertise online, tv, billboard, magazines and radio ads.

They spend close to a billion dollars so you will know them.

Smaller insurance companies like Centauri Insurance don’t spend their money on advertising.

They partner with local insurance agencies to represent them…to recommend their company to the agency’s customers.

If Centauri Insurance didn’t pay claims or had bad customer service, an insurance agency would no longer offer them.

Centauri Insurance has to earn the business from the insurance agency that represents them.

When a customer asks us “Why did you recommend Centauri National?”

We answer “Because they are committed to Louisiana”

That’s it.

You buy insurance to protect you from a financially devastating event

That is the purpose of insurance

Not to buy the cheapest option because your mortgage company is making you buy insurance.

Insurance is a worthless transaction if the insurance company doesn’t pay claims.

We recommend Centauri insurance because they make our customers happy.

Happy customers stay with us.

Our goal is to keep customers for life and Centauri helps us do that.


2. “I went online and they had bad reviews”


This is true for every insurance company that sells insurance.

Just name an insurance company and you can go online and find a negative review.

Insurance companies only pay claims that you purchase coverage for.

A homeowners insurance policy has added endorsements.

It is possible that the policy that was sold to you was not a good policy and you did not have coverage for the claim

When that happens…claims get denied.


Some of the most common complaints for insurance companies are claim denials and cancellations after inspections.


If you want to find out if an insurance company is any good, you look to the insurance agency that represents them.

Look at the insurance agency’s reviews.

We have over 180 Google Reviews from happy customers

If we represented crappy insurance companies that either didn’t pay claims or slow paid claims, we would have 110 negative reviews instead of 5 star reviews.

We recommend Centauri Insurance because they make our customers happy and they make us look good.


Who is NOT a good fit for Centauri Insurance?

Bars on your windows 

Active non-weather related claim history

Poor credit worthiness

Homeowners with vicious dogs including Akitas, American Bulldogs, Beaucerons, Caucasian Mountain Dogs, Chow Chows, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Great Danes, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Staffordshire Terriers, Wolf Hybrids, or any mix thereof, any dog with a history of biting, or any dog underwriting deems ineligible.



Centauri National is a Preferred Insurance Company because they offer the additional coverage extensions you need

The Preferred Homeowners Insurance policy offers a few coverage extensions or endorsements.

  • Animal Liability 
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Special Personal Property
  • Liability up to 500,000
  • Water Back Up
  • Personal Injury
  • Home computer extension
  • Service Line protection
  • Property values up to 3,000,000


You also have the option to choose the amount of personal property you want on your policy

Most insurance companies give you 50% of the insured dwelling amount

This can result in you over paying for coverage


Where does Centauri write homeowners insurance?

They currently write in 10 states

  • Oklahoma
  • Louisiana
  • Florida
  • Texas 
  • South Carolina
  • Hawaii
  • Massachusetts
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina



They also offer an online policy portal to manage your policy

You can view your policy, pay your bill and initiate a claim

Here is their portal https://www.centauri-ins.com/ConsumerPortal/


To learn more about Centauri National and their mission click here

If you are looking for a New Orleans insurance agent that represents Centauri National, we would love the opportunity to talk to you.

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