Bad things happen to good people

Cheap insurance policies get expensive after a claim

When a claim happens you have a few options

🚨Turn in the claim directly to the insurance company and represent yourself against the insurance company

If you purchase your insurance policy directly from an insurance company you have no other option

🚨Contact our office and discuss the claim before you turn it in

I handled car insurance personal injury and property damage claims for 6 years with a major insurance company

Do you know what you need to do after an accident?

(I discovered my wife didn't know)

🚨Never turn in a Home Insurance property damage claim directly to the insurance company

I have customers that decide to turn in a claim directly to the insurance company and after the deductible they get a claim check for $726

Not all claims are covered

A Home insurance policy is not a home maintenance policy

It is for sudden and accidental occurrences that result in a financial devastating event

The claim stays on the record for 3 years and all companies will surcharge (more $$$) at renewal for an active claim history

from the Desk of Agent Tim

Here are your options