Commercial Real Estate Insurance Louisiana

The Best Commercial real estate insurance in Louisiana will depend on your zip code

What’s in your commercial real estate investment portfolio?

  • Strip Center
  • Office Building
  • Apartment Complex
  • Condo Association
  • Warehouse
  • Distribution Center
  • Self Storage Building

We can help you protect your commercial real estate property investment 

Water is running from busted pipes during low temperatures

Water damage is provided under the commercial property insurance policy from broken pipes

Your tenants will not be able to use their leased space because the building sustained fire damage

Business income insurance will provide loss of rental income when your tenants will have to lease another property due to the unrepaired fire damage. 

Your policy will provide loss of rental income based on the repair estimate and estimated time allowed to repair the damage

A customer trips and turns an ankle. 

They are on crutches for a week and can’t return to work. 

They hire a plaintiff attorney and they sue everyone in a mile radius including the owner of the building…you 

1,000,000 minimum limit provides the defense of the claim. 

You can purchase up to 10,000,000 of liability to protect you. 

In your lease your tenant would have a business owners policy BOP naming you as an additional insured. 

This provides a layer of liability before your commercial property insurance policy pays any claims

FM Agency Group builds value into our Commercial Real Estate Property Insurance

Here are some of the advantages of our policy can provide:

  • We can offer up to 12 months of loss of rental income
  • Every policy includes 1,000,000 of liability to defend you from slip, trip and fall claims
  • Equipment Breakdown and replace your air conditioning system as long as the breakdown is not from wear and tear
  • Vandalism, Water Damage, Theft, Fire, Hurricane and Liability on included on one policy

FM Agency Group builds policy protection for Commercial Real Estate Investors

The Best Commercial Real Estate Insurance protection can be provided for a property valued at 100,000 and we can go up to 10,000,000

If you own an apartment complex, office building, condo building or a strip center, we can help you customize a policy for you and your investment real estate portfolio

We can help real estate investors of Commercial Property Insurance in Louisiana

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