Did you have a 5% hurricane deductible on your New Orleans homeowners insurance policy?

For many homeowners in New Orleans after the recent hurricane Zeta they discovered damage to their roof and they called their agent to make a claim

To their surprise they were explained what is a 5% Hurricane deductible

It is 5% of the insured value or the amount the home is insured for

example) 300,000 house with a 5% Hurricane deductible is a $15,000 deduction on the claim check

For most New Orleans homeowners a roof replacement is less than $15,000 so basically you are insuring your roof out of your own pocket

The problem recently is not all homeowners were aware they had a 5% hurricane deductible on their homeowners insurance policy

Some insurance companies just changed the Hurricane deductible from 2% to 5% on the renewal policy


After the recent hurricane(s) that struck the Gulf Coast, insurance companies are going to raise rates and the days of Hurricane deductibles as low as 1000 may be behind us

At this time you can still purchase a lower Hurricane deductible

Most large insurance companies that spend their time and money on commercials offer a 5% Hurricane deductible on New Orleans homeowners insurance policies

If you have been with one of these companies for a long time you most probably have a large Hurricane deductible



The benefits of working with an insurance broker


🙂You get a claims advocate to work with you on claims resolution


🙂Access to more than one insurance company to find the right choice


🙂Your insurance broker provides professional advice in your best interest


🙂You get a renewal review each year to decide if your current company is still the best option


🙂Licensed advisor that explains insurance policy language in easy to understand terms


🙂An insurance broker works for you not the insurance company


🙂The insurance company pays the broker a commission not you

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