dog bite insurance

Lose your dog or lose your homeowners insurance is not always the best option for your family. We have a homeowners insurance company that will help you.

You may have a dog that you believe “would never bite someone” but the facts show dog bite claims are very costly to the insurance industry.

The average cost per dog bite claim has risen 94% since 2003.

Click here to view the facts and costs per claim information.


With medical costs on the rise and a growing litigious environment,

you are more than likely going to be sued if your pet bites someone or causes an injury because they chased or scared someone and an injury was sustained.

Your dog doesn’t have to actually bite someone for a claim to be filed against you.

Just an alleged incident can cost you.


Not all New Orleans homeowners policies cover dog bite liability

and if you have one of the breed of dogs on the prohibited list

more than likely you are on your own defending any alleged dog bite claim by a neighbor, friend or family member (not living in household)

out of your own pocket.


Here is a list of prohibited breed of dogs from one of our insurance companies we represent (list can vary with each company)

  • Akitas
  • American Bulldogs
  • Beaucerons
  • Caucasian Mountain Dogs
  • Chow Chow
  • Doberman Pinschers
  • German Shephards
  • Great Danes
  • Pit Bulls
  • Rottweilers
  • Staffordshire Terriers
  • Wolf Hybrids


If your family pet is listed above, it does not indicate your dog is vicious and likely will attack someone.

It is a list of the most common breed of dogs that have been involved in past liability claims and they have the likelihood or probability to bite or attack someone over a breed of dog not on the list.


What to do if you own a dog on the list above?


Well “get rid of it” is the simple answer,

but for most family pets,

a dog can be like another family member.


1. First thing to do is contact your insurance agent and ask if owning your breed of dog will exclude all coverage under the homeowners insurance policy.

It may have been an exclusion to coverage when you initiated the policy and either the agent didn’t ask or you didn’t disclose the breed of dog or you brought home your dog after the policy was sold and didn’t notify your agent.

Either way the entire policy may be voided so ask if there is an issue with policy coverage.


2. Find a homeowners policy that will allow your breed of dog.

If you have a prohibited breed of dog,  it is possible some insurance companies will allow you to keep your home insurance policy, but will not extend liability to any claim involving an alleged dog bite or attack.


A simple email to your agent and ask if there is a coverage issue only takes a few seconds.

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What if my homeowners insurance company is going to cancel my policy because of a dog bite claim?


It happens.

An unexpected or alleged claim against your dog.

There is nothing you could have done.

Most homeowners companies will cancel you after a dog bite claim or surcharge your premium at renewal.


If you are being canceled, your options are limited.

The liability claim is now on your record and most insurance companies pull a CLUE report.

Insurance companies share your claim history and when you apply for a new homeowners policy,

the new home insurance company can view your claim history usually up to 7 years.

So before you attempt to not disclose your dog bite liability claim to the new insurance company,

save yourself some time and just ask if the homeowners insurance company will accept the application with a dog bite claim.


What to do if every company has declined to write a new homeowners insurance policy because of my claims history?


Good News.

We have an insurance company that will consider your application for dog bite insurance coverage with a dog bite claim on your record.

All applications are subject to underwriting approval.

The insurance company will write the policy but you will not get any animal or dog bite insurance coverage.


But the insurance quote will be expensive and more than my current policy?


Not so.

We are seeing on some insurance quote proposals a lower premium than your existing policy that is being canceled.


What’s this all about?

After you received a notice of cancellation on your homeowners policy and you decided you don’t want to get rid of your dog,

you now have an option.

Complete our quick form or contact us to discuss your claim history so we can determine if we can help you get dog bite insurance you need without having to get rid of your dog.


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