Golf Cart insurance protection and your homeowners policy.

If you are driving you, your family or friends around in your neighborhood on a golf cart, you may want to make sure you are covered.

Accidents even happen to the most careful of homeowners.

Does your Homeowners Insurance liability extend to your golf cart?

Probably not.

golf cart insurance

Crazy thing is your homeowners policy will cover a liability claim if you DON’T OWN the golf cart.

Liability extends to Non-Owned Golf Carts.

But what if you OWN the golf cart?

More than likely no coverage.

“But I purchased a Golf Cart Endorsement on my homeowners policy?”

Most homeowners companies we represent in New Orleans will endorse the policy to add golf cart liability but liability only extends if you live in a private residential neighborhood with a golf course and the use of the golf cart is permitted for use on the road.

If you live an a community where your neighbors get around the neighborhood in a golf cart, don’t assume your homeowners policy covers liability and property damage to your golf cart.

On most new South Louisiana Homeowners Insurance policies, Golf Cart Coverage is an additional endorsement you must purchase.


How much does it cost?

It can be as low as $50.

But the endorsement can have a few limitations.

Here is a sample policy form explaining the Golf Cart Limitation 



Coverage does not apply if golf cart is:

  1. Used to carry persons for a charge
  2. Used for business purposes;
  3. Operated in a race;
  4. Rented to others;
  5. Operated outside the boundaries of a recognized retirement or limited access community unless being used for golfing purposes or traveling to or from a golf course;
  6. Operated by an individual not licensed to drive a private passenger vehicle 

#5 and #6 Are important


#5 Excludes coverage UNLESS you live in a retirement community or a gated community or are using it for Golf.

So if you are using it to visit neighbors on the street and you don’t live a gated community or a neighborhood with a golf course,


#6 Excludes Liability if the individual is not old enough to obtain a Louisiana Drivers License.

Not all homeowners insurance policies are the same so it is important if you own a golf cart you just send an email, text or phone call to your agent and get a coverage analysis.


How much does a Golf Cart Policy cost?

Annual premiums can be as low as $150

The policy can provide Liability and Property Coverage for a low minimum premium.


What if you don’t live in a private residential neighborhood with a golf course?

You may see people driving around your neighborhood in a golf cart carrying a bunch of people and having a good time.

Stereo is pumping and the drinks are flowing.

All it takes is one accident and there are going to be multiple injury claims against the owner of the golf cart.


Does your auto insurance liability extend to a golf cart?

No coverage there.

The golf cart was not designed to be operated on a public road.

You can’t take your golf cart to the store and have coverage under your auto policy.


What can you do?

Two things 


1.  Purchase a stand alone golf cart policy.

The premiums are usually about $150 a year.

The policy will include the same coverage as your auto policy.

  • Liability
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision


2. Purchase an Umbrella policy

An umbrella policy will provide you an additional 1,000,000 (up to 10,000,000 if needed) of liability over your

  • Auto
  • Homeowners
  • Rental Dwellings
  • RV
  • Golf Cart

You can purchase 300,000 of liability on your golf cart policy and grab another 1,000,000 of liability with the Umbrella.


Examples of Golf Cart claims

Running over a neighbor’s foot.

A passenger jumps out after stopping but still injures themselves

Passenger falls out on a turn

You strike another vehicle

A vehicle strikes you

You hit a bump and someone falls out

Recent accidents involving Golf Carts

Here is one example of two boys using the family golf cart to go trick or treating on Halloween

Accident details involving 12 year old on Halloween


Other accidents

Another accident involving a 76 year old man

Accident at Charity Golf Tournament involving death

Accident involving drunk 16 year old driving golf cart


learn more about Louisiana law in reference to golf carts


What’s this all about?

1.  Don’t assume your Golf Cart is automatically covered under your Home Insurance policy.

2.  Contact your agent to add the low cost Golf Cart endorsement if needed.

3.  Consider a stand alone Golf Cart policy for a low minimum premium starting at $150 because the HOME INSURANCE GOLF CART ENDORSEMENT may be limited coverage especially if you have young operators of the golf cart.

If you need a quote on a Golf Cart or need Golf Cart coverage extended on your home insurance policy give us a call at 504.348.3131 or complete the quick form below


What’s this all about?

Golf carts are for Golf.

But if your neighbor has one and you have one too, 

at least get yourself properly protected and don’t assume you’re covered.

Golf Cart policy $150 average annual premium

Umbrella policy $300 average annual premium

Minimal expense to properly protect you and your family.

Accidents happen to good, careful people too.


For something that could never happen in a million years,

only takes a second.


If something does happen, 

do you have enough liability protection to 

  • pay all injury claims
  • pay any judgement against you in court

and sleep at night knowing you are completely covered?

At FM Agency Group we can provide you with a stand alone golf cart policy to compliment your homeowners policy.

Don’t assume “its covered” until you speak to a professional insurance advisor and ask the question to make sure you are properly protected.



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