homeowners insurance on house

NEED:  Customer has experienced back to back rate increases on their Gretna Homeowners insurance with no claim activity. Customer wants to get back to a more affordable premium without losing coverage.


PROBLEM:  Just received their homeowners insurance renewal and its north of $4,000.


NEEDS ANALYSIS:  We were able to sit down with the customer and review their current homeowners declarations page.



1. Liability limit of 100,000 is too low for a home owner.

Limit should be at least 300,000 to qualify for an Umbrella.

Cost difference is usually less than $25


2.  Medical Payments coverage is $1,000

Limit should be at 5,000 since additional premium is less than $10


3.  Over-insured Contents Coverage limit.

Reduced Contents coverage limit based on the actual value of property insured has inside their house.




Deductibles remained the same.

1000 AOP All other perils deductible (any loss not the result of a hurricane)

2% Hurricane Deductible



Renewal Premium $4,069

Our New Annual Premium $2,562

Annual Savings $-1507


What’s this all about?

More than likely when you purchased your Gretna homeowners insurance policy, it was the most competitive premium available to you.

If you think your home insurance premium may no longer be competitive with what is available today,

my name is Tim D’Angelo and I would like the opportunity to talk to you about your Home Insurance policy.

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