We are seeing another homeowners insurance discount appear on new quote proposals in reference to architectural shingles

A homeowners insurance policy can have as many as 10 homeowners insurance discounts or credits available but most customers are not taking advantage of the discounts.

A new discount available is the type of roof shingle you have installed on your roof.

But why do Louisiana home insurance companies care what kind of shingles I have on my roof?

3 Tab shingles, as pictured above, have been the go to shingle for the last 50 years but now if you drive around your neighborhood architectural shingles are the shingle of choice.

roof shingle type comarison

Why roofers like architectural shingles?

  • easier to install
  • hide a lot of mistakes
  • don’t have to be perfectly aligned for appearance

Why do home insurance companies give you a discount for architectural shingles?

  • less tabs/flaps to catch wind
  • better wind resistance
  • better durability
  • longer warranty
  • shingles are heavier and some are tripled layered
  • rated higher for wind speed up to 120mph (3 Tab as low as 60mph)

What is the price difference?

could be as low as $10/square difference

Does shingle color matter?

I have seen Red, Green, Pink, Black and Brown.

Just remember the lighter the shingle the slower its going to age.


What’s this all about?

No doubt over 90% of wind/hail claims involve roof replacement. 

Insurance companies will heavily discount your home insurance premium based on the age of your roof, the shape of your roof and the type of roof shingle you have installed..

If you are considering roof replacement consider architectural roof shingle due to the benefits of a longer use benefit and an added discount on your policy.

Not all home insurance companies are allowing this discount. 

You can ask your insurance agent if your policy will allow a credit for architectural shingles.

If your home insurance policy does not recognize architectural shingles, it is very likely they will soon.

Take advantage of the homeowners insurance discount or discounts available to you.

Hip Roof Discount

Shingle Type (Architectural)

Age of Roof Replacement

We can provide you with a protection proposal on your house included all the discount available to you.



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