Many years ago in some higher crime areas, homeowners elected to install Burglar Bars on their house for crime prevention instead of a monitored burglar alarm.

The problem is it creates a Liability exposure in the event of a Fire and most Home Insurance companies will not write a homeowners policy on a house with burglar bars unless a “Quick Release device” is installed.

Quick Release devices allow the homeowner to open the bars from the inside with a push bar panel on the wall or a foot pedal.

It allows the person inside to exit the house without the need of a key. 

Burglar Bars with a locking key mechanism are usually not acceptable and does not satisfy the “Quick Release” definition.


How much does installation of Quick Release Device Cost?

It could be as much as $200 a window and if you have multiple windows with Burglar Bars it could get very expensive

If you want to maintain a homeowners Insurance policy at a competitive price, you need to remove the Burglar Bars.


homeowners alarm system discount

Instead of burglar bars you should consider an alarm system and have it monitored so the police department will respond.

The cost of cellular monitoring has gone down.

You no longer need a land line phone installed in your house.

Companies will monitor through the installed keypad and the good news there are no phone lines that can be cut in a burglary attempt.

The majority of the alarm system companies are lowering their monthly monitoring costs and most will give you a free alarm system.


A local alarm system and video surveillance company,

HiTech Smart homes and Security can offer you a complete system for a very low initial investment and in most cases you may be able to get a free system. You can contact James at 504.994.8328

How much does it cost to have an alarm system monitored?

With more companies in our area competing for your business,

monitoring monthly costs have gone down.

Basic monitoring can be as low as $15-$30/month depending on your system.

How much is the alarm system discount?

The majority of homeowners insurance companies in our area will offer two discounts for monitoring.

  • Monitored Burglar alarm
  • Monitored Fire alarm

With one of the companies we represent we have seen an annual discount as high as $300 for having a monitored alarm.

It really varies with your home insurance company on the amount they will offer on the homeowners insurance alarm system discount.

What about a video surveillance system?

A homeowners insurance company will not give you a premium credit for a video monitored system.


What’s this all about?

Having bars on your house without a quick release is like building a prison for the people inside.

A good idea before alarm systems became affordable but with most companies offering a free alarm system and a monthly monitoring fee as low as $15-$30, now is the time to protect you and your family and also grab a homeowners insurance discount on your policy.

grab a homeowners insurance discount on your policy.



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