How much does Church insurance cost in New Orleans?

The cost of church insurance in New Orleans can vary on the type of construction of the building

Underwriting factors that can change the rate you pay for insurance can be, but not limited to, the 

Age of the building

Brick veneer, masonry or frame

Claims history

Age of roof replacement


How does an insurance company determine the rate they charge for Church Insurance?

The rates can change in New Orleans based on when the wind blows

If a hurricane or tropical storm blows through town, rates can go up higher as most insurance companies will take a rate increase

A rule of thumb is anywhere from .90 cents to 1.10 per $100 of insured value

If you have a 300,000 church building and use the simple formula above

you could pay $2700 to $3300 on a 300,000 building


What about Church General Liability insurance of 1,000,000?

Base rate starts at $750 per year


What type of coverage is provided on a Church Insurance policy?

Building Insurance

Professional liability for church members

Sexual Molestation and Misconduct

General Liability for slip n fall

Commercial Church Bus auto insurance

Non Owned and Hired Auto


Directors and Officers

Workers Compensation


Which insurance companies write Church Insurance in Louisiana?

This will depend on the zip code your church is located in

A church in Grand Isle may not be able to obtain wind coverage but a Church off of St. Charles ave in New Orleans can

It all depends on the location of the property


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