How much does Metairie home insurance cost?

Metairie Homeowners Insurance can vary based on underwriting factors that are not limited to

  • Your credit score
  • The age of the house
  • Brick or Frame construction
  • Year of roof replacement
  • Gable or Hip shape roof

There are many underwriting factors that go into a home insurance premium. 

Throughout the years we have helped many residents with their home insurance needs all over the state of Louisiana. The cost of home insurance can vary not only from parish to parish but from neighbor to neighbor.

Here is a house in Metairie Zip Code 70005.

It is a brick house with a hip roof built in 1978.

Replacement Cost 240,000

Hurricane Deductible 1% – 2%

All Other Peril Deductible 1,000 – 2500

*Average Premium $2,400 – $3,500

*homeowners insurance rates in Metairie could be lower based on, but not limited to, underwriting factors, home features, credit worthiness and claims history.

metairie home insurance

Homeowners insurance rates are usually based on many underwriting factors but not limited to credit worthiness, age of house, construction materials, roof shape, security features and claims history up to five years.


If you are searching for a new home purchase in Metairie, here are some house features you could look for that could reduce the home insurance premium.


Hip Roof Shape

– a roof where all sides slope downwards to the walls or gutters.

Brick House

-brick homes are less expensive than frame home insurance quotes

Year Built

-newer homes receive more premium credit than older ones

Monitored Burglar and Fire Alarm

-Premium credit for having both monitored

Renovated Property

-Electrical,  Plumbing,  Roof and Heating A/C


If you are interested in an older property like the one above that was built in 1978,  the Home Insurance company will rate the premium on a house built in 1978 unless the house has had recent updates to the Electrical,  Plumbing, Roof and HVAC.

You can receive up to a 10%-20% premium credit for more recent updates. 

All the above credits are different for each home insurance company but most companies writing new homeowners insurance policies will give you a credit for all of the above.

If you would like to get a quote on a new house in Metairie or maybe wondering if we can help you with your home insurance renewal, complete on the quick quote request form below and speak with one of our representatives.

Homeowners insurance rates are the lowest we have seen in years.

New insurance companies are leaving an over crowded Florida homeowners insurance market and expanding into Louisiana in an attempt to gain market share.

Rates are very low and probably unsustainable but you may be able to take advantage of huge savings as long as the major weather events miss landfall in the United States.

We can take a look at your existing homeowwers declaration “dec page” and give you a few other quotes to compare.

You could ask about the AM Best financial rating, but the majority of the admitted companies are not AM Best rated. They are rated by Demotech, a financial stability rating agency.

National General Insurance is AM Best rated and are currently writing new homeowners insurance policies, annual auto insurance policies, rental dwellings and flood policies in our area.

Give us a call or complete the quick form and we will have a local FM Agency Group representative talk to you about your homeowners insurance.