How to get home insurance after being dropped

No one wants to get dropped by their home insurance company for claims.

It happens.

I was talking to a customer last week and she asked “Why am I getting dropped.  My house had the claims.  Not me”

Well that is why it is called home insurance.

Sometimes bad things happen to good houses.

Make a few water claims and throw in a theft claim and you will be looking for a new insurance company

“But that is why I pay insurance”

No.  You pay insurance for financially devastating losses you can’t recover from.

What the insurance company wants is first to take your money and never pay you any back.

Just joking. 

But that is what most people believe.

What they want from you is to not make small claims.

Don’t use your insurance policy as a home warranty or maintenance policy.

Use if for the big stuff.

Ok too late for that…you are being canceled due to claims.


What do you do?

Most insurance companies will surcharge (raise $$$) due to an active claim history (more than 1 claim..)

But you can find insurance companies that will not surcharge your new quote based off of your claim history.

We recently had a fire claim with local homeowner.

A total loss.

The insurance company paid out over $100,000…and then dropped him at renewal.

We were able to find him a company that did not charge more than what he was paying before the fire.


So what kind of claims do they accept?

  • Water claims
  • Fire claim
  • Theft loss claim
  • Roof claim
  • Plumbing claim
  • Hail claim

As long as you repair the damage from the claim,  you are acceptable with the new insurance company


How long does it take for home insurance claims to get off your record?

Usually 3-5 years they will stay on there.

Most home insurance companies report your claims history to a central organization so insurance companies can share claims information.

It is referred to as a CLUE report


So which company will write me if I have been canceled?

In Louisiana, Capitol Preferred and Southern Fidelity will review your claims history and more than likely accept you.

We represent both companies and have had success helping residents who were canceled by their home insurance company

If you would like us to review your home insurance, you can call us or complete our quick form here