damaged roof

Majority of homeowners receive a claims check to replace their roof after a hail storm or a hurricane.


As we approach Hurricane Season,  there are some homeowners that have not used the claim funds to replace their roof.


So what?

Well,  if the Greater New Orleans Westbank were to get hit by a

  • Hurricane
  • Tropical Storm
  • Hail storm



So if a Hurricane rips a portion of your roof and resulting water intrusion damages the interior of your house,





When you are paid for Roof Replacement and you fail to replace your roof,

the insurance company will consider any future roof damage as pre-existing damage and will not be included in any future claim payments.

You can not be paid twice for the same damage on an insurance claim unless you repair or replace the damaged item.

So if you used the claim funds and went to Boomtown casino,  you are now self-insuring your roof this hurricane season.

You will not be able to make a roof claim until the roof is replaced.


What if I just cancel my policy and go to another homeowners insurance company?

Your roof claim and payment are listed on your C.L.U.E report.

Insurance companies report claim history to a central reporting facility so every company can share this information so no insurance company pays twice for the same damage.

Want to learn more about a C.L.U.E report,  click here


What’s this all about?

If you were paid for a new roof,  get your roof replaced before we get into the active Hurricane Season.

If not,

  • All future roof claims and resulting damage will be denied
  • You will be uninsurable with any homeowners insurance company


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