You have done your research and you are ready to buy a homeowners policy directly from the insurance company.

So after speaking with a company representative you think you are getting the best deal.  

insurance agent 

Here are 7 Reasons to confirm your decision to buy direct from the Insurance Company


7. You trust the Insurance company to deal with your fairly

6. You don’t need individual service

5. You don’t need an advocate on your side when there is a claim

4. You have time to shop every company’s website and input your information over and over again

3. You understand potential exposures and coverage gaps when you purchase a policy online

2. You understand the insurance policy language and understand a homeowners insurance policy. 

1. You know you are getting the best value in the market today


I understand price is king sometimes but not all insurance policies are the same.

Would you buy the Cheapest watch, clothes, car or just about all other material goods and not care about Quality?

Quality matters

or in the case of Insurance,

Coverage Matters.


When you buy direct from the insurance company, the representative is an employee of the insurance company.  

They do not have your best interest in the conversation.

They need to sell you a policy.

The representative on the phone believes the cheapest option is what you need and also the quickest way to make a sale.

The large direct insurance companies spend a billion dollars a year on advertising to deliver one message.


Cheapest is the best option

Switch and save… $$$$

We save our customers…..$$$$


What is the result of their marketing message?

“Save today,  Pay tomorrow”

If you are a do-it-yourself type of person and you understand the coverage options and don’t want a professional insurance representative review your needs and determine you are properly covered, you should buy direct from the insurance company.

When you purchase homeowners insurance in Louisiana there are over 8 endorsement changes that can change the premium.

You need to understand what coverage you are getting and what coverage you are not getting.

Yes “Apples to Apples” applies in Insurance.

We uncover missing coverage every week here when we review other companies insurance proposals.  

Its okay to exclude coverage from your policy to reduce premium as long as you are aware of the exclusions.

At FM Agency Group we can customize your Car and Homeowners Insurance policy to fit your needs and give you a list of endorsements included and excluded for your review.



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