ATV insurance

ATV insurance is available to you as an owner because your ATV is not covered under your homeowners insurance policy.

The ATV insurance policy offers some of the same coverage as your auto insurance policy and a policy can be as low as $300 per year.


Some of the coverage options offered are unique to Progressive Insurance



in case you are liable for bodily injury or property damage



if you are in an accident and the other party has no insurance or not enough, you and your passengers can get your injury claim covered



Theft, flood, vandalism and just about any claim that is not a collision



Since you normally don’t ride your ATV on a paved road,  physical damage to your ATV is very likely



Enhanced Injury Protection includes two components: an income loss benefit that pays up to the weekly limit for income lost due to injury resulting from a covered accident, and a death benefit that is payable to the surviving spouse or estate of if you are killed as a result of a covered accident.

This coverage applies to each named insured and his/her spouse.



Carried Contents coverage will pay for your owned personal property (such as hunting gear or camping gear) that are damaged, destroyed or stolen while using the ATV.

Coverage is subject to a $250 deductible.



Coverage provides physical damage protection to equipment, devices, accessories, enhancements, and changes, other than those which are original manufacturer installed, which are permanently installed or attached, and alter the appearance or performance of the vehicle. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Any electronic equipment, antennas and other devices used exclusively to send or receive audio, visual or data signals or play back recorded media, other than those which are original manufacturer installed, that are permanently installed on the motorcycle using bolts or brackets, including slide-out brackets i.e. fairings, handlebars, seats, windshields, etc;
  • Sidecars;
  • Trailers designed to be pulled behind a motorcycle or off road vehicle;
  • Trike conversion kits;
  • Custom paint, custom plating or custom exhaust;
  • Mower blades, plow blades or winches; Deductibles are the same as Comprehensive and/or Collision.




Provides a reduction of twenty-five percent (25%) in Comprehensive and Collision deductibles at renewal for each consecutive preceding claim-free policy period.

Upon renewal after four consecutive claim-free policy periods, there will be no deductible.

Deductibles return to their original amounts upon the next renewal after a Comprehensive or Collision claim has been paid.



Roadside Assistance Coverage provides towing TO THE NEAREST QUALIFIED REPAIR FACILITY and necessary labor at the place of disablement when the vehicle is disabled due to mechanical or electrical breakdown, battery failure, flat tire, lockout, insufficient supply of fuel, oil, water or other fluids, or entrapment in snow, mud, water or sand within 100 feet of the roadway.




Trip interruption coverage is provided for mechanical breakdowns and covered comprehensive and collision losses.

The mechanical breakdown or covered loss must occur more than 100 miles from insured’s primary residence.

The coverage provides daily maximums of $100 for lodging, $50 for alternative transportation, and $50 for food while the covered vehicle is being repaired, up to $500 per occurrence.




Transport Trailer Physical Damage Coverage provides Comprehensive and Collision coverage to your transport trailer.

A transport trailer is any non-motorized trailer pulled by a car, truck or motorhome and is designed for transporting a motorcycle, or off road vehicle or ATV listed on the policy.

Only one transport trailer available per policy.

Up to $10,000 of coverage is available.


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