Builders risk Home renovation Insurance

When you are building a new home or renovation project you need Builders Risk insurance

We help you choose the right Builders Risk Insurance policy to protect you against claims during the construction of your home


Ground up construction on a new home or providing coverage on a renovation you need to purchase Builders Risk insurance because a standard homeowners insurance policy or landlord rental dwelling policy will not cover a vacant home under construction

Our Builders Risk program includes premises liability or Lawsuit protection which is important because most builders risk policies sold today is for property only

Myth 1: "My contractor has liability insurance"

Yes your contractor should have a General Liability policy but their liability coverage is for their work performed so there is no premises liability on your property if there is a slip, trip and fall

A recent claim we had was when a proud property owner was showing the progress of his new home to his friends. 

One of his friends tripped over a 2x4 and fell down and turned her ankle

She missed 2 weeks of work and wanted her medical bills paid

If the property owner did not have premises liability insurance there is no insurance policy to pay for the claim

The property owner would have to pay out of his own pocket

A contractor's insurance policy would not pay for slip, trip and fall claims on a property the contractor does not own

MYTH 2:  "Liability insurance is expensive"

Liability on a renovation project or a new home construction can be as low as $15 a month and you can get up to 1,000,000 of lawsuit protection against future claims

MYTH 3:  "I think Theft is covered under a Builders Risk policy"

On most builders risk policies theft is not covered because some policies are written on a basic policy form that only covers fire, wind and hail

You want to make sure your policy is Special form with theft included because when a property is under construction Theft is common risk for property owners

Builders Risk insurance is for new home construction and renovation projects and applies to single family homes, multi family properties or commercial buildings 



  • The right insurance company for Builders Risk
  • Choosing the best policy once the project is complete
  • Claims and Coverage advisor when you need it
  • 24/7 Access to your account

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