Car Insurance

The most dangerous thing you will do all day is get behind the wheel of your car.

Your car insurance liability limits are probably too low and your assets are exposed.

If you don’t know your liability limit, you need to find out and consider raising your limits.




If you decide to purchase minimum limits required by Louisiana law, here are the figures explained.


The first figure (15,000) is your liability limit to any one person you are legally liable to in an accident.

The second figure (30,000) is the total amount your policy will pay out to more than one person making a claim.

The third figure (25,000) is limit that your policy will pay for property damage.


Here are the limits available






*When you select 250/500/100 limit, you become eligible for a personal umbrella policy.



This is the most misunderstood policy coverage. Insurance agents want you to reject it to get the premium down and insurance companies don’t want you to buy it so they can keep their claim payments low.

It is the one coverage that is actually for YOU.

Uninsured Motorists covers the obvious uninsured driver on the road, but it also covers much more.

It can protect you against Under-insured drivers too.

Someone that only purchased 15,000/30,000/25,000.

If you and your family members in the car are seriously injured, the other driver’s primary liability will be exhausted.

Once their insurance limit runs out, you can go to your own insurance policy and make a claim under your uninsured motorists coverage.

You can claim

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish (stress, lack of sleep, etc)

And by making this claim under your own insurance policy, your premium at renewal will not be surcharged because you were not at fault for the accident.

You can purchase the same limits as your auto insurance liability limits and if you purchase 250,000/500,000 of uninsured motorists protection, you can also have the additional protection of your personal umbrella cover Uninsured motorists as well.



Anything that is not a collision and causes damage to your vehicle.



Usually involving another vehicle or object. Covers the cost of repairs to your vehicle at a body shop of your choice minus your deductible.



Will provide coverage to you in the event of a covered claim.  Usually has a limit of the amount per day and the total amount they will pay. 



Will pay for the tow to a nearest repair facility. This coverage does not have to be related to a covered claim.  It can cover you for dead battery, flat tire or the lockout.