commercial property louisiana

If you own or are going to buy a commercial property in Louisiana we give real estate investors the protection they need for the value they want

  • Apartment buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Lessor Risk Strip Mall
  • Strip Center buildings
  • Warehouse
  • Warehouse with office space
  • Real Estate Investors property schedule to include all your properties on one policy

How much commercial property insurance in Louisiana can we write?

Commercial property insurance valued from 100,000 to 10,000,000

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How much commercial property insurance do you need? 

You want to protect the your building from loss not for the market value of the property but the replacement cost

Market values have land value included

Insurance value does not

If a building burns down you still own the land and can rebuild so you only want to get insurance on the cost of you to hire a building contractor to rebuild the building minus the land value

Almost always that amount exceeds what you paid for the building or what you owe on a mortgage

the cost to rebuild or repair structures will almost always exceed the original construction costs due to the higher cost of labor and materials as well as changes in building code requirements


What types of Commercial Property coverage do I need?

Replacement Cost-the cost of you to rebuild the property using like kind materials

Actual Cash Value-the replacement cost minus depreciation (older the construction materials the less you get)


You want your commercial property insurance policy to include the cost to rebuild your building if damaged by fire, tornado, hurricane or busted water pipes

These are the most costly risks to your property and you need to make sure you have a replacement cost policy

If not the insurance company claim rep may pay you pennies on the dollar and you will not have enough to rebuild


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Are You Buying Enough Commercial Property Insurance?

Most building owners try to lower the insured value to save money on insurance

Insurance companies will penalize you if you try to do this

Its called the Coinsurance Penalty

An example is the insurance company will reduce your claim check to the % amount you went below the replacement cost

If the insurance company states replacement cost is 400,000 and you only want 200,000 because that is all you owe on the property you now are at 50% of the replacement cost

If there is a claim the insurance company will deduct 50% off of the claim check after you deductible

Small claims can turn into major financial losses

Check your policy to make sure you are not in danger of the Coinsurance Penalty


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