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Covington Homeowners Insurance can be complicated and time-consuming 

We help you make the right decision to protect what you have at a price you need

Louisiana is a great place to live and Covington a perfect place to call home. The median home value is around 250,000. To protect your home you want the best home insurance to protect your home.

Homeowners insurance can be confusing and time consuming and a policy can have over 10 different add on endorsements and if you don't choose the right coverage options you might be left paying a claim out of your own pocket

That is where you need the best insurance broker for Covington Homeowners insurance.

As an insurance broker that represents some of the largest insurance companies writing in multiple states we can help you make the right choice with the right coverage

Here is some helpful information so to make sure you buy the best homeowners insurance policy in Covington

What makes a great homeowners insurance policy?

It is the coverage options you add to the standard policy such as equipment breakdown, sewer backup, personal injury, service line, cyber protection, refrigerated contents, matching coverage and many more

Not all homeowners insurance policies will cover what you need and most insurance agents will not present to you all the options


One of the most important coverage endorsements is the Extended replacement cost add on

This coverage starts at 25% to 100% in addition to the insured value on your home

If your home is insured for 300,000 and your home burns down and you need to rebuild the most your insurance company is going to give you is 300,000.

The problem is the cost of building materials is more than you expected and the contractor delivers you an estimate to rebuild your home for $425,000

The protection you need on your home insurance policy so this never happens to you is the extended replacement cost endorsement

You can purchase 25%, 50% or 100%

If you purchase the 50% extended replacement cost on the home above for 300,000 after a total fire you would get 300,000 plus 50% (150,000) to rebuild.  

Your insurance company would pay up to 450,000 to rebuild your home

Our Covington homeowners insurance policy includes this extended replacement cost option

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Rates are going up in 2021 due to multiple hurricanes striking the Gulf Coast  

Access to more than one insurance company is the only way you can keep your rates steady without sacrificing coverage or raising your deductible

When a hurricane strikes the Gulf Coast all insurance companies need to raise their rates to absorb the losses in hard hit areas

Although a Hurricane did not affect Covington, La the rate increases are coming


We offer a 3 option homeowners insurance proposal from an A rated AM Best insurance company writing in all 50 states

The financial stability you need after a claim and the low homeowners insurance rate you want

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  • Multiple options with the right coverage
  • We help you make the right decision
  • Annual renewal reviews for rate and protection
  • Claims and Coverage advisor when you need it
  • 24/7 Access to your account

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