Landlord rental property insurance

Protect your real estate investment with Landlord rental property insurance in Louisiana.

You need the coverage protection provided by the rental dwelling policy to make sure one claim doesn’t destroy your real estate investment.

There is more to protection than just your loan value.

Besides property insurance, you need loss of rental income and liability protection.

We can now offer a policy that provides equipment breakdown.

A simple $50 endorsement can protect against your air conditioning unit breaking down.

When the a/c breaks down, your tenant may move out and not pay their rent until the unit if fixed.

A standard landlord dwelling insurance policy will exclude the air conditioning unit for any type of maintenance issue.


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Standard Insurance Coverage you need in Louisiana for your Landlord Rental Properties

  • Property
  • Personal Property
  • Liability
  • Loss of Rental Income
  • Equipment Breakdown


Property insurance protects your house in the event of a claim for property damage.

Personal property could be your refrigerator or furnishings.

Liability insurance protects you, the owner, from a claim for bodily injury or property damage you are legally liability for.

Loss of rental income provides you loss of rent if there is a claim and you can no longer rent or lease your property.

Equipment breakdown can fill in the gaps of having property damage covered that would normally be excluded

Service Line Enhancement will replace pipes under slab due to corrosion or tree root intrusion (standard exclusion on insurance)

Tips to save on Landlord Rental Property insurance in Louisiana

Find an independent insurance agent that represents more than one insurance company.

At FM Agency Group, we represent over 10 insurance companies that can write rental dwelling insurance.

Some companies are more competitive in some areas.

Other companies will not write your real estate properties if they are in an LLC.

Most companies only write rental properties in your personal name.

The name or LLC listed on the title of the property must be the named insured on the policy to get coverage.

If you are ready to see what we can do to protect your real estate investment portfolio, call us at 504.348.3131 or complete our quick form now and a licensed insurance advisor will review your coverage.