It’s raining lawsuits in New Orleans do you have an umbrella?

If you own a car, house, boat or rental property in New Orleans you need a personal umbrella policy

You don’t have to be a millionaire to be sued like one in this city

A customer walked into our office recently to ask to increase their uninsured motorists coverage on their car because they only had 25,000

She recently was hit in the rear by the driver of the other car and he had 50,000 of liability and it was not enough

She had back surgery before the accident but now her back is worse and she may need surgery again

That driver hit the wrong person


Although a car accident is the greatest risk to your financial assets it can happen at your house or on your boat or at your rental property

You can’t prevent accidents but you can use insurance to protect you from a devastating event you may not financially recover from

The one policy an attorney, a financial advisor and the insurance agent all purchased….

It is the personal umbrella policy and it starts at $300 a year


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For most New Orleans homeowners insurance customers we recommend 300,000 of liability on their homeowners insurance policy but some insurance companies writing will offer 500,000 of liability insurance for as low as an additional $50 a year on your policy

Check your policy and if your insurance company offers 500,000 request the endorsement now


Liability insurance is the amount your policy pays for bodily injury or property damage to others you are legally liability for

  • slip, trip and fall
  • at fault car accident
  • fire at your house damages the neighbor’s house
  • you tenant’s friend slips in the kitchen 


To qualify for a personal umbrella policy in New Orleans you must have these liability limits 

250,000 Car insurance

300,000 New Orleans homeowners insurance

300,000 boat insurance

300,000 landlord rental property insurance

If you would like a quote on a New Orleans personal umbrella policy just complete the quick form and a licensed insurance advisor with FM Agency Group will contact you

Get a Quote on a Personal Umbrella policy

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