Laplace insurance broker

If you are a Laplace Louisiana homeowner you have insurance options with top insurance companies that offer wind and hail on one insurance policy

You may experience a recent rate increase or you are just looking to lower your home insurance expenses

We offer the best homeowners insurance coverage in Laplace, La

And the good news is they can write your car, rental property, flood, boat, RV if you need them

One insurance company to consolidate your insurance protection is what we can offer you

A local insurance broker will allow you to see the rates from more than one insurance company and after the policy is sold is where you get the most value


After the policy is sold is when we get to work for you

  • We offer annual renewal reviews so you can decide each year if you are still getting the lowest rate with the best insurance protection
  • Claims advice when you need us most because we represent you not the insurance company
  • Coverage selection that is customized to your protection needs

In Laplace you should not have a two policies for homeowners insurance

One that is for wind and one for everything else

You can buy one homeowners insurance policy with a low deductible and low rate when you work with FM Agency Group

We recently helped a local homeowner with better insurance coverage, a lower deductible and a much needed lower insurance rate on her homeowners insurance policy

And as an added bonus she also had a rental property in Laplace

We were able to lower the insurance rate more than $800

A local insurance broker like FM Agency Group will represent insurance companies that specialize in the best insurance coverage not advertising

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FM Agency Group is your insurance broker that will help you review your Laplace homeowners insurance so you can make the best insurance decision to protect your home