Does your home insurance have mold insurance coverage?


Mold is often excluded under a home insurance policy because it is not sudden and accidental damage in the event of a claim,

but if the mold is the result of a claim it is possible it would be covered.

A recent endorsement is being added into most new Louisiana home insurance policies.

This endorsement is usually mandatory to the HO-3 home insurance policy here in Louisiana.  

Not all companies include this endorsement.

The endorsement is “Limited Fungi, Wet or Dry Rot, or Bacteria Coverage – Louisiana”

If this MOLD INSURANCE COVERAGE endorsement is on your home insurance policy,

it basically will limit the amount of Mold coverage available to you on your policy.

Limits are often 5,000 or 10,000.

We view these endorsements as providing limited coverage for “mold” as a result of a covered loss.

So it is “in addition to” your claim damages, you also have mold coverage.    

Making a stand alone Mold claim with no other cause of loss is going to be a difficult claims experience for any home owner.


Flood Insurance policies have a broader coverage for mold as a result of a flood loss.    

If you have discovered Mold, take photographs of the damage before you contact a licensed contractor to remove the bacteria.

Louisiana Contractors must be licensed for “Mold Removal” or “Mold Remediation”.

If you want to attempt to remove the Mold yourself,

the Louisiana Agricultural Center has a pdf for “Mold Removal Guidelines” that may be helpful.


If you are not sure if Mold is covered, check your homeowners insurance policy for a special endorsement that will reference “Fungi, Wet or Dry Rot or Bacteria”.



  • Underneath kitchens and bathrooms sinks
  • Area around the refrigerator
  • Behind the walls where a plumbing leak is possible
  • Around air conditioning units
  • Drywall around windows
  • Under carpet or flooring that may have become wet


When you discover Mold in your home you need to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

It is possible you have a slow plumbing leak behind the walls.

Depending on the amount of mold in your house will determine if you need to get a mold remediation company to your house.

Mold Insurance coverage is very limited on a homeowners policy so don’t depend on your homeowners insurance company to take care of the damage.

If you want to learn more about mold, here is a website that may give you the information you need