auto insurance

When you first purchased auto insurance, you probably had nothing to protect.

You only needed the state minimum liability limit to make it legal for you to drive.

Your bank account was floating like your gas gauge…close to empty.

You rented an apartment or probably lived with your parents.

Fast forward to today and do you still have minimum auto liability limits?

More than likely your financial situation has changed (hopefully)

You may own a house.

You may have assets worth protecting.


Why should I buy higher auto liability limits?

  • Cost of Medical Treatment has increased
  • Cover the unexpected events
  • Protect your assets and your future
  • The cost of higher limits is not what you think


Rising costs of medical treatment

The cost of the ambulance, doctor bills, hospital stay and recovery expenses are going up.

They have been rising for years with no sign of going down.

If you cause injury to someone in an automobile, 

your policy is responsible for 

  • medical bills
  • pain and suffering
  • mental anguish
  • lost wages


Do you think $15,000 is enough to cover an injured person in an auto accident?

What about the injured passengers in the other car?

Probably not.

Once your liability limit is exhausted, 

the remaining expenses could be out of your pocket.


Cover the unexpected events of an accident

In 2014, over 6 million auto accidents happened and probably every one of those individuals thought it would never happen to them.

Something that could never happen in a million years, 

only takes a second.

Out of the 6 million auto accidents, 

2.3 million people claimed injury.

That is 38% of people involved in an accident claimed injury.

Do you think the % is higher in Orleans and Jefferson parish?



Protect your Future earnings

You are responsible for any judgement above your liability limits when you are involved in at-fault accident.

You owe damages to every occupant in the other vehicle.

When your liability limits are exhausted, you owe out of your pocket.

If there are no assets left, your future earnings could be garnished until the debt is paid.


The price increase is minimal and not what you expect

A common myth is when you increase or double your auto liability limits,

the premium doubles.


“So if I pay $1,000 for 15/30/25,

and I want to buy 25/50/25

my premium will go to $2,000?”


This is not correct.


Minimum limits are for individuals that have nothing to protect.

No financial assets.


Just need to be legal to avoid a fine.


The Auto Liability Game plan

Raise your auto insurance liability to 250,000/500,000/100,000

Purchase uninsured motorists limits 250,000/500,000

Obtain an Umbrella of at least 1,000,000 (5,000,000 is available)


What’s this all about?

The Auto Liability game plan is for anyone that is operating a motor vehicle in Louisiana.

Our litigious society is waiting for you to make a mistake behind the wheel of a car.

If you own a house, it is a no brainer.

This is what you should do now.

Call your agent and get a quote to raise your auto liability limits now.

The purpose of insurance is to protect you from a financially devastating event you can’t monetarily recover from.

You use higher auto liability limits and purchase an Umbrella so when an accident happens

and your receive the letter from the attorney,

you know you are protected financially as result of an unexpected and accidental event.


Safeco Insurance created an infographic to explain the need for higher auto limits


The infographic also shows real claim examples.

If you own a house and have minimal limits,

give us a call so we can give you the protection you need

for the value you want.


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