one policy for rental properties

Can you purchase one Landlord rental property policy for all your properties?

Most companies will not allow you to purchase one policy for all your properties because most companies want to write one policy for each property

There are a few companies that will allow you to “schedule” your properties on one policy

You can list each location based on the address, year built, frame or brick, 1 to 4 family units

Some companies will require you to start a scheduled policy with at least 10 properties but we do have a company that will start with 2 and you can write up to 100 properties if you want

The issue for you will be billing

If you have a mortgage on a property the insurance does not have the capability to bill your mortgage company on each location on a scheduled policy

You would receive one bill to your house and you would be responsible to bill your mortgage company

A scheduled Landlord rental property policy with multiple locations on one policy really works for a real estate investor that owns the properties and carries no mortgage


The scheduled policy will include 

  • Liability from 100,000 to 1,000,000
  • Loss of Rental Income (claim forces your tenant to get loss of rental income)
  • Wind, Fire, Hail, Vandalism, Water damage and more
  • Slip Trip and Fall included
  • Property limits from 100,000 to 1,000,000
  • Multi Family units 1-4 family
  • If more than 5 we can write a commercial property policy



  • Hip shape roof
  • Owner over 55 years old
  • Flood insurance with same company
  • Monitored Alarm discount



  • Water Backup
  • Limited Theft
  • Service Line endorsement
  • Equipment Breakdown (replacement of A/C unit if not a result of wear and tear)


How much does the Landlord Rental Dwelling Scheduled policy cost?

  • Rates start at $500 for one property
  • Factors that can determine the price you pay are, but not limited to
  • Original year built
  • Brick or Frame¬†
  • Claim History
  • Hip or Gable shape roof
  • Monitored Alarm
  • Credit worthiness with some insurance companies


Can we write the policy in an LLC?

Yes we can and we can include liability insurance for your LLC


At FM Agency Group we provide the protection you need for the value you want

From 1 to 100 properties we have the insurance policy for you


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