Rental Property Insurance and what you need to know

The Best Rental Property insurance will depend on your zip code

What’s in your real estate investment portfolio?

  • Single family properties
  • Multi family properties
  • Apartment Complex
  • Condo Association
  • Under Renovation
  • Vacant
  • Short Term Rentals
  • Tenant Occupied on an annual lease

We can help you protect your Rental property investment 

Here are some recent claims some of our customers had


Water is backing up into your property from the sewer system

This is a standard exclusion on most rental property policies. 

You need to endorse the policy to add water backup protection. 

Most policies will limit the amount to pay on a claim. 

The cost of the this endorsement is minimal and most real estate investors don’t have this coverage

Tenant claims she fell down the stairs and can’t return to work

Your tenant will make a claim against your liability coverage on your policy

A claim representative will be assigned to investigate

Your Liability limit is applicable to another person’s injury claim

You can never have enough liability and the cost of getting the maximum limit available from an insurance company can be as low as $25 difference

Grab the most liability your insurance company can offer

The 300,000 limit will qualify you for a personal umbrella policy


Your tenant’s car catches fire under the carport and causes damage to your neighbor’s house


Your Liability limit also applies to other person’s property damage

The liability coverage on your policy would repair the neighbor’s damage to their house

FM Agency Group builds value into your Rental Property Insurance

Here are some of the advantages of our policy can provide:

  • We can offer up to 12 months of loss of rental income
  • Every policy includes 300,000 of liability to defend you from slip, trip or fall claims
  • Equipment Breakdown and replace your air conditioning system as long as the breakdown is not from wear and tear
  • Vandalism, Water Damage, Theft, Fire, Hurricane and Liability on included on one policy
  • Water Backup is now available with most companies
  • Get liability coverage if you own your property in an LLC
  • Schedule all your properties on one policy
  • Pay Month to Month on properties that are vacant, under renovation, short term rental or tenant occupied on an annual lease

FM Agency Group builds policy protection for Real Estate investors

The Best Rental Insurance policy protection can be provided for a property valued at 100,000 and we can go up to 10,000,000

If you own a single family home or a 4 plex or maybe an apartment complex, office building, condo building or a strip center, we can help you customize a policy for you and your investment real estate portfolio

We can help real estate investors with their Landlord Rental Property insurance in Louisiana

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