Rental property insurance for Real Estate investors

Real Estate investors need insurance protection for different types of investment properties



Real Estate investors need to purchase a vacant policy when the property is no longer occupied by a tenant and is either up for sale or between tenants over a 60 day period

If the wrong policy is in place there is a chance of a denial of future property damage claims

You can purchase a vacant home insurance policy on a month to month term and only pay for 30 days of coverage at a time

The cost of the policy can be as low as $100 a month and it includes the insurance protection needed

The policy will include the standard coverage of fire, wind, hail and water damage but our program will also include theft and vandalism


If a property is purchased and there is work that is needed to either flip the property and get it back on the market or it needs a remodel project before a tenant can move in the policy that is needed is a Home renovation insurance policy

This policy will cover the current value of the home minus the land value plus the renovation amount you are going to put into the house

This will give the insurance protection you need during the renovation

You can purchase the policy one month at a time until the renovation is complete

The rates start as low as $100 a month


Not all rental property insurance policies cover properties unless there is a long term annual lease signed by a tenant

A short term rental usually less than 30 days will require a special policy from an insurance company that will accept short term tenants

If you are a real estate investor the best insurance broker for real estate investors is FM Agency Group because we can offer you one policy for all your properties or customize an insurance policy for each investment property