rental property insurance schedule

When Barry bought his first rental property 6 years ago he was excited to be a real estate investor

Since then Barry purchased 7 more properties

He was now a full time real estate investor and discovered keeping track of invoices, insurance renewals and maintenance was overwhelming

Barry needed help with consolidating his insurance protection to simplify his life

Over the years each time he bought a property he purchased a new landlord dwelling insurance policy from a different company

His agent always recommended the lowest rate and Barry welcomed it so he could keep his rental income high and his expenses low

Not a problem on a few houses but at 8 properties it was getting out of hand


When we met Barry before the purchase of his 8th rental property we offered one policy for all his properties

A rental dwelling schedule that includes all properties on one policy and includes liability

This option would give Barry one renewal bill and he was able to budget knowing he had only one insurance renewal bill to take care of and only one insurance company to keep track of if he ever had to make a claim

FM Agency Group offers Real Estate Investors the protection they need from 1 to 100 properties

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