service line endorsement

When a real estate investor discovers a claim is not covered on a rental property it can sink an entire cash flow positive portfolio

For $25 additional a new insurance coverage can be added to cover a previously denied claim

What will Service Line Coverage actually cover?

  • Rot
  • Wear and Tear
  • Corrosion
  • Collapse
  • Rust
  • Deterioration
  • Tree root intrusion
  • Freeze
  • Animal Damage


The list above are all standard events that are not covered for damage to a 

  • sewer line
  • water piping
  • ground piping to a heat pump
  • drain lines
  • underground power lines or electrical wiring
  • communications or data transmission lines
  • ¬†natural gas piping


The new Service Line Underground Utility Coverage is now available and you can add it to your Landlord Rental Property Insurance policy for as low as $25 a year

Without this endorsement a common claim that happens is when an underground pipe collapses due to tree root root intrusion or wear and tear

The resulting damage such as water back up (if you have this endorsement) is covered but replacement of the pipe itself is not covered and excavation costs are also excluded

Now you can get coverage to pay for pipe replacement, excavation costs and outdoor property that is damaged as a result

This coverage is available on home insurance and landlord rental property policies from a select group of insurance companies

Not all insurance companies offer this endorsement

The endorsement will provide coverage up to 10,000 of damage

What is the average cost of these claims without the endorsement?

The average cost to repair these sewer lines including excavation can average $7500

What is the deductible?

The coverage will be subject to a $500 deductible which more than likely will be less than your all other perils deductible


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