The claims process

The Claims Process after a Hurricane

Here is a claims process after a hurricane and I will post each day walking you through the steps including understanding deductibles and recoverable depreciation


1. File a claim

2. Speak with your claim rep

3. Claim rep inspects your property

4. Claim rep writes the estimate

5. Claim check is sent

6. Hire a contractor

7. Contractor may have more damage than initial estimate

8. Send Claim rep supplemental estimates


Just remember your first claim check does not indicate it is your last claim check

just because you cash the first check does NOT conclude your claim unless you sign a property damage release form…

but no claim check from your own insurance company would include a release form




I was an auto claim rep for years before I opened FM Agency Group

When your car is damaged the body shop writes the initial estimate but often there would be supplemental estimates (more damage discovered)

I will explain more in detail about supplemental estimates and recoverable depreciation but for now get your claim filed



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