UPC insurance company earnings report

United Insurance Holdings (UIHC) reporting quarterly earnings of  $0.20 per share beating the estimate of a loss of $0.05 per share per the yahoo finance report

UPC United Property and Casaulty Insurance Company is a Florida domiciled insurance company operating out of St. Petersburg and writes in 12 States

At the end of 2019 net admitted assets surpassed 1 billion ($1,036,045,180) according to Demotech, a financial rating agency

UPC is one of the largest insurance companies writing homeowners insurance in Louisiana

you can learn more about UPC homeowners insurance and their rankings in the United States here


No.  They write Landlord Rental Dwellings

Flood Insurance

Tenant Renters Insurance HO-4

Condominium policies HO-6


If you own a home in an area that is susceptible to hurricanes like South Louisiana you need to know how strong is your insurance company.

Some questions to ask

Do they have the ability to pay claims after a hurricane?

Are they protected by the Louisiana Insurance Guaranty Association up to 500,000 per house?

UPC with net admitted assets over 1 billion to appear to have the financial stability needed in a coastal insurance market



No insurance company is the cheapest on every home 

If they were they would be out of business the next time the wind blows

New companies do enter markets with cheap low rates but once the wind and claims come rolling in their rates either go up or they exit the market

We recently helped a client with their new home purchase and discovered his real estate agent had recommended their friend for insurance

The other insurance agent removed Replacement Cost on the roof and our client would have received pennies on the dollar on his next roof claim leaving him with not enough money to get a new roof

5 coverage options you need when buying a new home


Here is an example of a friend of mine living in Lakeview New Orleans Louisiana

He built a home after Hurricane Katrina like most in the neighborhood

He had been with a company for more than a few years but each year rates kept going up

He emailed me over this homeowners insurance declaration page and I told him we could save him $750 a year and get him much lower deductibles

He had a 2% hurricane deductible on a 300,000 home so the deduction off of his next hurricane claim check would have been (6,000)

We were able to get him a 2500 hurricane deductible

If you are looking for financial stability and claim paying ability after a hurricane United Property and Casualty Insurance company (UPC) might be the option you need

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