Vacant or Renovation insurance protection

Do you have the right insurance protection for your vacant or renovated property?

A new program is now available for real estate investors who are renovating properties or have homes up for sale and vacant.

The program includes

  • Vacant
  • Renovation
  • Monthly direct bill plans
  • Insurance company A Rated by AM Best


What type of renovations are acceptable?


-installing new carpet, painting the walls and replacing appliances


-replacement of kitchen and bathroom fixtures, cabinets and or counter tops, flooring, installation of built-in appliances and any other cosmetic renovation explained above


-installation of new or updates to plumbing, wiring and heating systems, movement of non-load bearing interior walls, and any other minor cosmetic renovation as described above


-includes replacement of windows, siding or roofing and any other moderate, minor or cosmetic renovation as described above


-extensive alterations and plan reconfiguration, movement of walls including load bearing walls, building additions to the dwelling and foundation work

The cost of the policy will determine the extent of the renovations

The policy includes a refund if you cancel the policy.

The refund is subject to 25% minimum earned or 3 months of premium


Who is a good fit for this policy?

Real estate investors

Homes up for sale

House flippers


Where is this policy available?

Currently available in Louisiana

Direct quotes available over the phone and we can bind and issue the policy same day


Does the policy include liability?

We can add 50,000 of premises liability

Liability does not extend to any contractor that you hire to renovate the property

A contractor in Louisiana should be licensed and insured to protect you and your property


How much does it cost?

The company just lowered rates by 20%

Can you write the policy in an LLC?

Yes.  The policy can be written in an LLC or your personal name