Homeowners Insurance Water Backup Endorsement

Homeowners Insurance and the water back up endorsement. Not all Louisiana Homeowners Insurance policies cover Water Back Up through sewers, drains or discharges from sump, sump pumps and related equipment.


But my policy covers my house for water damage?

There is a difference between Water Back Up, Water Damage and Overflow and your policy may not cover Water Back Up unless you have the endorsement.

The endorsement you need may look like this

Water Back Up and Sump Overflow 

This endorsement is coverage for direct physical loss, not caused by negligence of any “insured” to property covered under Section I of the policy by water or water-borne material which

  • Backs up through sewers or drains on the “residence premises”
  • Overflows or is discharged from a sump, sump pump or related equipment, even if such overflow or discharge results from mechanical breakdown
  • Coverage does not apply to direct physical loss of the sump pump or related equipment which is caused by mechanical breakdown

water backup coverage

The claim may be subject to a special deductible starting at $250 on some home insurance policies 

What about an accidental water claim such as (caused by negligence)

  • overflow of a toilet
  • overflow of a bathtub
  • frozen busted pipe resulting in water damage

These type of accidental claims are covered under the home insurance policy as water damage and are not subject to a Water Back Up Endorsement because the water issue did not originate through sewers, drains or discharges from sump, sump pumps and related equipment.

How much does the Water Back Up Endorsement Cost?

With some home insurance companies the endorsement could be as low as $25.

Most Water Back Up Endorsements may have their own sublimit of coverage as low as 5,000 max limit of coverage.

Check your Home Insurance policy to determine if you have the Water Back Up endorsement.

Some homeowners insurance companies don’t require the endorsement because they cover the risk, but some companies offer a endorsement starting at 5,000 of coverage.

Where to find the endorsement on your policy?

Each homeowners insurance policy has a list of added endorsements to the policy. 

A special section in your policy will explain each endorsement to you.

When was the last time you had a professional review of your home insurance policy?

If it has been 5 years or more, it is time you let a professional insurance advisor give you a complimentary review.

A good agent can review your coverage and determine endorsements you need but don’t have or maybe you have endorsements you don’t need.

As your life changes so does your insurance protection.

A protection review of your insurance policy is a valued added benefit an professional insurance agent can provide you free of charge.

It’s what we do.

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